"What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculties! How like an angel in apprehension, how like a god! The beauty of the world. Paragon of animals. Yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me. No, nor women neither. Nor women neither." (Withnail)


[The experiences of a wide variety of British people, many born here, many 'migrants' from many backgrounds from all over the world, from the Americas, north and south, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, the Middle East - over many years, require of me that I keep my writing here, even if I myself have surpassed all of the problems I describe, one way or another, indeed through the peace and freedom of mind brought about by my writing itself, which bears witness, and gives me what Chomsky calls intellectual self defence mechanisms, nurturing my mind and helping me, in the end, in all I do in life, including, in my case, the development (now concluded) of certain entirely mathematical and highly iterative "trading methodologies" (known to the populist pseudo-scientific people of earth as 'algorithms' - pronounced - alga-{pause}-rhythms) - which beat all the markets which all my oppressors are outright serfs of. And so that is all the more reason to provide this intellectual self-defence material to other victims of these and other oppressors.

From disabled arabs being roughed up by supermarket security in Stockwell

to young asian girls being spat on by racist old white women a few moments from Borough market and London Bridge Station in 2006 under the Blair government's rule,

to eastern european engineering graduates living in Grenfell-like housing blocks in Lambeth and who are only allowed, despite their impressive educational achievements, night reception jobs and other such menial work - because British employers are prejudiced against her name (not her first name Veronika, obviously, at least she has more luck than Aziz, Shams, Mohammed, Shamim, etc) and indeed her accent (which I at least don't face when racist Britain is forced to deal with me in person, although that's never going to help get a cv past the first barrier, it never has),

to so many others, the well to do Northern British (but Asian - the variety northerners like Jess Phillips brand with tropes, generally) business men who couldn't get out of bed the day Corbyn lost, Socialism's and Anti-Racism's loss grieved them so much, to young political hacks who have annoyed their friends by repeatedly quoting my pages - kids who have told me about their experiences of racism from so many walks of life -

harassed and told he was a terrorist and that his carrier bag was a bomb, while collecting for charity at a London tube station by the same variety of racist as the spitting-on-young-girls type mentioned earlier - there is a very long list and if I spent hours I could write so many descriptions of so many similar people, so you see readers these pages have to be here because people who gain any kind of succour, direct or entangled in some quantum way, just from the fact that these pages are here (and it is real, real people suffering, and real succour, not your fake 'anti-semitism' nonsense where you cry wolf and make up a lot of Islamophobic nonsense and abuse others and call that 'protecting victims')

are those I owe these words to, and with whom the spirit of victims of holocausts, like Primo Levi, stand even 'now', and my words are not here for the benefit of the censorious overlord dickheads uninterested in what I say, only in finding excuses to silence it, nor the total amoral **@*£*@*@*@!!!s I have described so aptly and precisely on these pages, from my old school friends to the disgusting genocidal maniacs like Johnson and Phillips. And Primo Levi, his spirit embodied in his works, doesn't stand with those genocidal maniacs any more than I do, he stands with those this writing is owed to, not to those who abuse and oppress and censor and torture and rape and kill them.

And my writing is owed to not just those people I mention who are victims of racism but so many millions like them. And on that basis I believe that what I have written here is what I would, if oversimplifying, emotionally potent oversimplification at that, would call "the right thing to do". Or, as Pontius Pilate, a fore-runner of myself in some ways, I like to think, put it: "what I have written I have written". If you want to be pompous and say it in Latin it goes like this: quod scripsi scripsi. But nobody speaks Latin and using it is pretentious and ignorant. And so we move on to the rest of this page; well you do; I'm busy. See grid point 36.]




In the court of Nature, ignorance of the truth is not a defence.

Welcome to my lounge

If you are not an opinionated, racist, money-worshipping capitalist cretin, read this vital doc: https://www.who.int/news/item/11-10-2021-who-s-10-calls-for-climate-action-to-assure-sustained-recovery-from-covid-19. If you are not an opinionated, racist, money-worshipping capitalist cretin but need some intellectual self defence support for dealing with people who are opinionated, racist, money-worshipping capitalist cretins, read everything below. Otherwise avoid it, it's a lot of stress, this whole 'dealing with' British racism, imperialism, materialism and stupidity malarkey.

Nonetheless you may find that whether or not you have to deal with these issues is not your choice - racists and indeed anyone with a racial preference who still imagines that despite this they are 'not racist', they may overwhelm you regularly, and then you'll have to dig in and do your homework and strengthen your mind against your attackers. The best thing you can do, I would say, if it is a road available to you, is get away from the racists - I don't mean abandon what you call home, I mean don't seek to be a part of any community, small or large, which treats you in this way.

You have a life to live, live it, enjoy it, don't waste it trying to get unworthy people to show you respect they fail to even show themselves, and their behaviour certainly is an act of self-defacement. Try to make yourself free of that which Thatcher claimed doesn't exist, ie "society" - it's not a very Corbyn thing to say, but Corbyn can't imagine what it could be like for you if you are say some non white, muslim, amazing minded person, some kind of Gershwin or Einstein, and you know that all you are ever going to be allowed to be unless you 'disobey orders' is constrained to undeserved-mediocrity, your genius bubbling to get out as you serve chicken or write marketing slogans or slick talk other bankers. The Wordsworth in you dead at birth because your name isn't William it's Shams whilst William's namesakes are out there marketing twitter and the KKK.

So think again. Why do you even like these people who treat you as they do? Why do you want to be a part of their society? I know, it's the same as me, it's just the normal response to anyone growing up among any people. But when you realise (if you look closely) how awful people have to be for such prejudices against you to be so prevalent, you must surely accept that these people are from the ass end of human history, the dregs, morally, intellectually and even physically, of all human history's populations. And we are lucky to be excluded, it has given many of us who are excluded a chance to live better lives than if we had been going along with the prevailing morality.



Facebook refuses to censor a DIRECT CALL FOR RACISM by a white allegedly British alleged member of the RAF (notice in the case of Barry White and John Green these potentially popup America/British military figures don't appear to use real names - either that or all their names are colours)..

{I have requested another review, will publish image of their response as soon as they provide it. Generally the process has been 100% futile and you can be sure they will confirm that they do not wish to ban the displayed visible open call for white supremacist racism to 'protect daughters' against muslims.} {As you can see from another example below on this wall, and in fact from many I've experienced in the past, I can collate 100s of such examples over time, easily, that's because facebook does NOT police people who call Islam or muslims evil but if you were to do the same thing to jews or white people, you would be censored by facebook, in fact if you said things which were perfectly alright but were yourself not white and upset someone white, they would (as you can see from examples below on this page) ban you for it}. {still no word, a few days later, from fb, on the second review... will publish here the moment they make a decision}{many days passing, still no further reply from them}{many weeks have passed, still no reply, I think it's clear how utterly white supremacist facebook's "policing" is and how islamophobia is something much of the USA and UK is proud to possess}.


No, no regrets,
No, I will have no regrets,
All the things that went wrong,
For at last, I have learned to be strong!

No, no regrets,
No, I will have no regrets
For the grief doesn't last,
it is gone, I've forgotten the past.

And the memories I have,
I no longer desire,
Both the good and the bad, I have flang in the fire.
And I feel in my heart
That a seed has been sown
It is something quite new, it's like nothing I've known.

No, no regrets.
No, I will have no regrets.


Here's one for all of Britain's fake-"elites" from your private schools and with your tarty cvs - some people made an anthem for you, all about your ideology. A good Christmas hymn for you to sing together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqwWUNZlTOA. Go on, play that tune and dance to it boys and girls. Dance with Rachel Riley and Tony Blair on the blood and corpses of Palestinians and Iraqis and Syrians and Afghans and Yemenis and Kashmiris, my 'friends'. Dance, dance.


If anyone wants to solve the human race's problems, read on...


Enjoy any season with the Hobo film series:

Waiting for Godot, the Hollywood version
Madam Bovary, the Neoliberal* version
Currently working on Planet of the Sales Apes: {coming soon - theoretically starring Warren Beatty as Jeremy Corbyn}

to be followed by: Days of Gluten and Utopia Now

*for definiton of 'neoliberalism' and 'neoliberal' see: http://40.tvhobo.com

Preliminary message to left wing and worker movements in Britain: this doc opens with criticism of racism in your ranks but it will close with detailed exposure of the serious problems and racism and other problems which the private education system and those coming out of it are riddled with; once I have been through all other material you can see growing below in the list of grid points, I will get round to my old school friend Tom (and the rest of my old 'friends') - a conversation with him on facebook recently is what Sy Hersh would call a crucial 'document', I believe. It is there for you to read on facebook, right now, if you want, it clearly shows what an appalling situation is going on in "our" (hah, like I matter to you, you dishonest merchants) society; I have copies of the material in question and will conclude with a long detailed grid point using that to show why the private education system in Britain is unfit for purpose and MUST be dismantled. So don't get paranoid, O left, because I start with your flaws - after all, it's dishonest to pretend that my critique isn't across the spectrum and isn't already attacking on all fronts. Please dig in over the xmas season. I will return to facebook only to post details of where anyone looking there should look to find my writing in future (ie here). As for people I went to school with: it would be total hypocrisy to criticise racist black and white working classes in Britain without also criticising the racism and abuse emanating from the private sector, not just employment, but among those educated privately also.

Here it is readers, it's copy pasted and formatted. A long read but vital evidence about the refusal by white society to address its own racism: Since 2009, over 11 years ago, I have tried to get my old school friends, particularly the 'non non-white' ones, to empathise with my struggle against British racism which has dogged my adult life, and added much discomfort to my childhood. In that time all of them have refused to have any discussion about it AT ALL and moreover have labelled me anti-social for bringing it up and ultimately began social distancing from me back then in about 2009. The following conversation I had with one of them, Tom Saunders, recently, sums up their entire position on me - Tom's reaction to my 'claims' about racism is the same reaction I can expect from almost everyone white from my old school, St Paul's, the public school, one of the original eight, mentioned in Wodehouse books. <<--- Click this hyperlinked paragraph to see the conversation (on a separate page), such as it is, or visit http://37.tvhobo.com/

As the not unintelligent among you can see from the exchange with Tom in which he and a friend of his who uses an anonymous account (maybe someone I know, or perhaps just as easily not, a random bully I don't know) just 'ridicule' me as I pour my heart and evidence out, showing them the degree to which a racial preference harms the employment prospects of so many British people like me - this is the way almost all white people from my old school, and many of the tokens too, would handle me - they would not ever admit that what I say is true, even when the evidence proves it beyond all reasonable doubt, they'd mock me. Tom was one of the only ones to accept my friend request and he'd have been fine to keep me there as long as I never asked him to empathise with me over the racism I suffer as a tiny minority of 2 million in Britain - indeed as an Ismaili muslim I'm in an even smaller minority really, there's apparently about 10,000 give or take a few 1000 of us in Britain. That's how outnumbered I am - a hated minority, not just as a muslim, but as a tiny minority among muslims in Britain too. And I thought Tom would actually treat the evidence intelligently and show sympathy and get others to see the truth. But he instantly turned into a white kkk nazi beavis man, instantly. So I did what I had to do, I used the data to prove to you, readers, what the problem really is. I trusted Tom. When he killed that, he cut the last thread by which my respect for Britain hung.

Mr Lascelles' face was very pained when sitting for half an hour with Tom, practically, going through his crap grades and trying to find a way to help him stop wasting his parents' money (our school fees were high). If Mr Lascelles' spirit had been able to warn me, perhaps it'd have pointed out to me that Tom was too stupid to understand the evidence I presented to him and always would be. Even his friends Ross and Ollie were/are less stupid, and knew not to join the losing debater in mid-debate. I think in reality Mr Lascelles' spirit would (and perhaps did) want me to seize the data, as I have done, and use it to demonstrate to (and about) all the other "old paulines" what horrible little nazis they are - Tom's behaviour comes across as nothing but nazi. And his friend, whoever that was, playing Beavis to his Butthead or maybe vice versa; for clarity, readers, particularly American ones, I should point out that I don't live and work in a bedroom "in my mum's" house - in fact I live in a luxury flat miles away from my mum's x million pound home). My work area is my living room, not my bedroom, and it looks onto an office block full of people working at their computers same as me, same duration of the day - actually I suppose I use it (my computer) less than them nowadays. Many residents in the set of luxury blocks I live in also work from home, whether for themselves or for big or small companies. My apartment building is full of assortedly rich people and is manned and womanned by uniformed concierges and employs a vast array of cleaners and other staff. Buses not far from here can take me to Waterloo and the city very swiftly, or indeed more expensive transport if I want to just burn money. I'm a few floors up so the air quality is pretty good on the whole, except when a neighbour is cooking something atrocious, but that's forgiveable.

It's fairly common for a muslim, when being 'taunted' by middle and working class white and token 'privately educated' individuals to experience them as a bunch of Beavis and Buttheads. As the son of 'migrants' growing up in Britain perhaps I had a much greater need to behave responsibly, being made to feel like a 'guest' in my own country, and so I guess maybe that's why the sordid and morally bankrupt ways of people like the ones showcased are part of something I never believe is there until it's right in my face.

Because he WAS so much less intelligent than I, and had even told me after those "tutor periods" that it was interesting the way he had to spend half an hour going through his grades because they were so crap and Mr Lascelles was like "well done, don't bust a gut" and nothing more, with me, a few seconds to congratulate me on another round of briliant grades - and it was because of that Tom was sincere and my friend and wanted to be more intelligent, back then, so that's what I expected from him this time, not the nazi you see on the page. It's the same of all my old friends, Charles, Liam, and a few others whom I had foolishly seen as being as loyal to me as I to them.

I returned to facebook, having left, years ago, to be sure that when I had a financial escape plan to save myself from the inevitable financial collapse of the west, I could throw Liam a line. I challenged him over his sister's spreading of tropes, labelling all socialists and (by her attack on Corbyn consciously or not) all muslims 'anti-semitic' - and I said that what his sister was doing was xenophobic, so he deleted me. A few days later, the weekly lovejoy algo was finalised. If Liam spoke to me on the phone and asked for it at that time, I'd have given him the recipe to amazing wealth. He has the skill to use it. He could have made it. I call what happened "the conservation of morality". Somehow the universe didn't "want" him to have it.

Tom went wrong because he was one of the really 'thick' ones, from bottom of bottom sets - the others would never have ridiculed me on paper in the public domain so that it could be used, by me, as evidence. But on the whole their attitude is the same. Their preferred method of doing what Tom did is to just label me an unperson, block me, prevent ALL dialogue with me and label me assorted negative things, most of them tropes about muslims. In a way Tom WAS trustworthy - he acted 'honestly' - he believed all the slander about me which presumably people like Ollie and Ross and the rest of them fill his thicky head with, and he thought therefore that if he called them to rebut me they would, for he imagined what I was saying could be rebutted just that he was too thick to do it. That's why he was unafraid to say what he said to me in public, on the record - because to him whatever those others have said about me, what people portray me as behind my back, that is the truth - and he trusted those people to have been intelligent when judging me. He really imagined Ross Parkin and Oliver Madden would come to his aid and answer me back to my face, he had no idea that people like that are too intellectually-scared to ever face me in person.

If this is how the majority of educated old paulines from my year behave what does that tell you about the degree to which our private education system really is in any way 'better' than other education? These people are as stupid as the rest in their behaviour, their lack of intellectual honesty and integrity means that in any scientific role or market role they are actually just false elites - ie if your economy and health and jobs and house prices and lives depend on all these people (and they do - most of my former school friends are doctors, lawyers, mainstream journalists and authors, hedge fund managers, political party kingpins, famous artists, big business people, and people from other schools among the elite are no different to them) then you end up with a situation like the one you are actually in - and STILL you mock and ridicule me like Beavis and Butthead and don't ask yourself if instead you should benefit from any generous attempt I make, having fought my way out of hell, to throw you a line? It's not your fault, it's in the interests of concentrated private power to convince you that you are 'still' on your way to some wonderful utopia full of money and stuff, just for you, for obeying all the rules. You and all the obedient.


And the rest starts here:

11th October 2021, just got banned from fb again, on a Labour MPs page I was addressing working class white racism and pointing out that Britain needs to change before any kind of socialist wonderland is feasible. The following image shows what I wrote and shows how 'left' wing 'working class' white racists side quickly with right wing capitalists and call in American capitalist thugs like Zuckerberg to silence me. What is 'hate speech' about the following? I am a British writer criticising my own country demanding it become a better place for the sake of everyone in it:

(Labour, including assorted 'we're genuinely left/socialist' segments of 'your' party) I cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with your party and the so-called 'northern working classes' you claim are 'not racist' - look at the racist fascists you speak on behalf of. Your supporters got together with American white racist capitalism and had me silenced. But this site will stand by all MPs and candidates who form a unified stand against concentrated private power.

As for you, facebook - look at that. You prove exactly what I was saying, so well - Britons, my FELLOW Britons, whom I am criticising, only have to be white, and I only have to be non white, and you will, for NO legitimate reason, claim my democratic and responsible statement is 'hate speech' - responding to a statement in which I complain that British people rather than criticising themselves smear and silence their critics, Britons called upon you to ban me and you did. How can my point be any clearer? As for the Britons who agree with me, this is for their benefit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_QSMTtUQYY

Compare that to what happens when you report a white racist who rudely labels all Palestinians paedophiles, randomly, while insulting Corbyn:


(And when you consider Tom's behaviour toward me, as you saw there, you can see how it works in our society - racist, rude pricks are allowed, nay encouraged and driven to be abusive vulgar @rseholes towards me, and if I even say something witty back, something not vulgar, something which counts as intelligent social commentary and repartee, they and their nazi guards ban and censor me for 'being rude'. They abuse the hell out of me and one peep back and I'm banned, silenced, censored. Out of me and them, reader, which has been becoming stronger over time and which weaker?)


new grid, so far; approx 57,000 words in grid at last wordcount {7/nov/21}

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By the way, have a read of this, guvna: https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/early/2021/05/18/bmjnph-2021-000272

Why should you change how you live and eat? Well, if you are in the west or a copy of it (eg China), you have to appreciate that nature or 'the universe' is going to batter your false confidence now until it has vanished and you are humbled. So why go through the whole kicking and screaming process? Why not be grown up about it, difficult though that is for consumerists, and just make the change to your life right now you ecocidal, genocidal, self-righteous sales apes.