I don't know whether Wall Street (and the city of London) will rise or fall today, but I am absolutely certain that I will be able to make the most profitable trade possible regardless of whether the Emperor's thumb is up or down, regardless of whether British (and American, and French, and German, and Italian, and a few other hyper-militarist hyper-consumer country) families, from the richest to the poorest, face a new escalation (already) of their/our ever growing penury or whether they pull a fast one and bring in a giant temporary load of blood money to kick the can down the road with.

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I think I'll leave my site as it is for now for a while, since I have broken through the last barrier of my financial scientific research and have "escaped Auschwitz" - ie the concentration-camp world inflicted on me by not all the 'white' and 'token' members of 'my' community going back to when I was born, but about 70% of them apparently, or somewhere leading eventually to that percentage - starting as I said when I was born, about 1000 days before the reign of Thatcher the Corporate Whore began.

I have a question to leave with you all. If you read my writing at all you know that I have studied racism and sexism extensively and also have ended up discovering the true reality of classism as experienced by most of us, and I have also written about a variety of other areas, from the science of thought and language to the connections between the discoveries of the best physicists and the best financial scientists.

There is one thing which I have only just started to discover, only very recently, so I never wrote anything about it but it is perhaps the single most key problem for 'the western world' to face up to. I realised that in Britain most people hate and fear Russia with a kind of primeval hatred, they have - no doubt merely entrenched conditioning - ended up with a terrifying hate and fear of Russians which evokes in me a sense of how Hitler felt about jews.

I have seen much hatred from British people aimed at me or at muslims or at non white or 'black' people, at disabled people, at gay people - I have seen a LOT of venom - I have met a young asian woman, just a kid really, working for a charity near London Bridge, and an old 'white' woman had come up to her and just spat on her face. When I found the woman she was weeping and I asked her what had happened.

And I've seen a lot more than that, a lot worse than that but it's too personal (even compared to that) to recount. And yet the hatred of Russians, the fear of Russians, the strange utter utter utter absolute hostility towards Russia seems to be a kind of religious hatred among a lot of "white" British people. No form of racism or hatred on their part compares to it.

And so I invite the philosopher and hopefully future American president Eleanor Goldfield to reconsider her feelings about Vladimir Putin, a purely random Russian man, tasked with handling all of these seething sickos in the west. My only objection to Mr Putin was the way he formed alliances with the Bushes, Blairs and their successors, but I guess he appears to have repented of that particular sin. So I'm good. How about you?