UPDATE, 28 AUGUST 2023: This site hasn't been updated for at least a few weeks, at present. Other than comedy fiction and other fiction, largely at non-public locations, I do not foresee any further content for a while. My financial scientific research has led to key developments which I have to focus on. And when you're looking for your freedom, nobody seems to care, and you can't find the door, can't find it anywhere. When there's nothing to believe in, still you're coming back, you're running back, you're coming back for more. So put me on a highway, and show me a sign.

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There's a place up ahead and I'm going
Just as fast as my feet can fly
Come away, come away, if you're going
Leave the sinking ship behind
Come on the rising wind
We're going up around the bend

Bring a song and a smile for the banjo
Better get while the getting's good
Hitch a ride to the end of the highway
Where the neons turn to wood
(Credence Clearwater Revival)


This hypothetical result was something I figured out how to do within one year, just within one year, of the relaxation of regulations in London-centric western finance at the time of King Turnip's speech near to May 5th 2022 (see Financial Times article from May 10th 2022 for details), which King Turnip officially announced was brought about by London/UK's departure from the institution of the EU. In fact the graph shows a partial result only, trading only a fraction of the opportunities available, ie the real result will be significantly better.

As usual 99.9% of the 'political classes' and 'everyone else' will, if exposed to this info/graph/data, find a way to minimise in their mind the truth about it - it's real, it's mine, it's phenomenal - and will press on with their lazy, greedy, self-adulating approach to all things.

Be warned, the next graph I publish will show actual profit from this method going forward in 2023-24. Any accusations levelled at me by anyone mentioned fall flat when you also discover that 99.9% of the rules behind this method are already published on tvhobo and if you study what I've published YOU TOO CAN MAKE THAT MUCH MONEY - but most will, rather than learning from me [at no cost to anyone but to me - the info is free and all available to the whole public, but I do pay the cost of running this site], whether they are 'left', 'real left', 'right', 'far right', 'liberal', 'libertarian', 'free market', etc etc - rather than learning from me, their pride and laziness will ensure that they just think of some 'clever' reason to disregard this singular and solitary way to save themselves, collectively and individually, from the repercussions of their own incontinence and malice, such as those repercussions already are today in 2023 and are set to 'get worse'.

But hey, these 'adults' who write articles, who are journalists, these 'adults' who have families, who do all sorts of 'jobs', these 'adults' who are MPs and senators, these 'adults' who literally just brow beat and steal until they reach their own personal Fallujah, have a 'good reason' to ignore the one and only way to save themselves, after all all of them, left and right and centre, are 'of course' better off dying out and suffering along the way than EVER in any of these years showing me the full degree of respect you ought to accord to someone who has done what I have now fully done. As things stand the method I use does not make any use of the relaxation of the regulations and would operate exactly the same way under pre-'brexit' EU financial regulations {and potentially post-unbrexit regulations} as they then did apply to London but no longer do. The relaxation of regulations allowed me to investigate many high speed instruments in spite of having a tiny budget - and that was how I was able to discover all of the latest range of answers which led to a number of excellent methods and finally to this latter one whose only name, to date, is 'the maximum limit'.



Catch a ride to the end of the highway and we'll meet by the big red tree. There's a place up ahead and I'm going, come along, come along with me. Come on the rising wind, we're going up around the bend. (Creedence Clearwater Revival)


And now, if you have read and digested all that is on my site and all it points to, you MAY click here and become empowered to be super rich VERY RAPIDLY, using virtually ZERO MONEY to begin with. If you do this without reading all that you can of my site, for at least 5 to 10 hours, in the course of your life some time, ideally several times, you are a complete and utter arse and I laugh at what I know will be your fate, one way or another, you utter fuckwit. NO MATERIAL ON THIS SITE IS TRADING ADVICE: this is a forensic study of data which demonstrates to you what forensic studies of data YOU must carry out in order to be able to become someone who knows how to trade successfully - you will have to do all the work yourself and nothing on this site can tell you how to trade or what to trade, only the laws of physics which will enable YOU to determine when to trade and what to trade according to where you are on the spacetime continuum.