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"The morning found me miles away, with still a million things to say" (Brasil).

Sitting around with lists of who to kill.

US's gamesmanship is much more dangerous than the mainstream wants to believe, if they even believe it exists.

"indifferent attitude toward the cruel circumstances of their lives".

Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their need?

What have we done to the world? Look what we've done.

History isn't for flag waving, it's for understanding sociology.

One Korea.

Branson has proved the value of worker ownership.

150 cases of child abuse reported by boy scouts in Britain. Where is the loud angry press when it's not a designated enemy 'foreigner' who is shown to be a rapist.

Britain's left wing is huge and ready.

Israel is an apartheid regime, a criminal and pariah. Anyone who stands by them is ignorant and earns my disrespect.

The Sound of Nazis.

British culture owned by oil companies?

Hate crimes and murder sprees against muslims not yet being appropriately condemned by much of posh, 'respectable' Britain, with its Guardian and Telegraph readers, Mail and Mirror readers.

Russia, India and China want the world to provide support to alleviate the 'humanitarian situation in Palestine'.

Post-colonial India went down a terrible slope into hell, where it still is.

Germany and austerity.

Proving the racism of English middle classes beyond all doubt, repeatedly, until they agree to change.

Somebody has to say it.

Energy company pleaded guilty to criminal charges, but you were not told.

Alfred Noble the Arms Manufacturer and the genocidal maniacs given 'peace' prizes in his name.

The dark empty hole where the soul of many a British and American militarist should be.

Nazis, war crimes, Ukraine, and OUR FUTURE.

Violence begets violence and 'justifications' are a foolish self-deceit.

Americans need a new world war.

Racial and class profiling.

Western oligarchs and their trophy wives vs 'scroungers' with the temerity to exist.

No security for the ruled.

A Zero Hedge writer has their first brush with the Guardian's corporate and bigoted nature.

The end of the corporate state.

Giving money to banks because they claim some of it will actually be used to profit everyone else.

Under Greenspan, 'liar/ninja loans' were visible but not policed.

The colour of your husband.

10,000 dollars of Pink Balloons for Afghanistan. Yay! Let's all drink our booze and eat our processed meat product and pudding and enjoy the war-free country we hide inside now that we feel so good about ourselves.

Netanyahu is more and more like Hitler the more he 'finds his feet' as a genocidal dictator.

Love vs environmental meltdown.

What would a police dog tell you about Ferguson?

Round and round the garden.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization won't allow posh English and American elitists to hoard everyone else's stuff forever.

ISIS sees US government the same way US government sees Al Qa'eda.

Fox 'hunting' is not 'hunting' at all, it is not the right word and therein lies the debate.

Repealing the 'ban' on fox hunting? Do we really need a law telling people not to be completely fucking stupid, warped, and sick?

With special guest star Sheryl Crow as herself.

By ensuring independence from the white supremacists, Angola was able to preserve its own revolution.

How to find out right now if you are a racist slug! Go on. Try the test. Norman Tebbit, how about you? I like New York in June, me. But I won't go there.

Nuclear energy will be outlawed.

Poverty is not an aphrodisiac.

Feminism vs Feminism.

Those who love vs those who hate.

US and its allies arm the fuck out of dangerous nut jobs despite warnings from the victims of the nut jobs. Time and again.

US treats Merkel like a jailed convicted serial killer.

Monbiot's naivety.

Money rules Israel.

The Great Shafting.

Manipulation and fear.

Jewish stars in Nazi Germany and muslims in America.

We shoot too often, and we shoot too much when we do shoot.

The 'mainstream media' and what posterity will find most disgusting about it.

Britain's war crimes against Iran.

If the birds and bees die out, and the educated fleas die out, we all will sooner or later.

Richard Burton was a 'qadiri dervish'.

The trial of the trial.

It's a kind of magic.

Challenging the doors of time.

The Occupy movement vs police brutality.

'Drones' are cowardly tools used by sick spineless hateful terrorists like the US and UK governments.

America was founded to conquer Europe, effectively.

Conspicuous consumption.

The anti-war party.

Selling out at Selma - Obama's shameful place in history as a fool.

After the smurf, Elvis.

A definition of a boombastic baseline.

To all you remainers, often two-faced pathetic liars. If you REALLY want to halt the Brexit I know how - and only if you listen to me will you succeed, you too-often two faced deluded hyperconsumers.

Migration, the cause of human civilisation, is seen as 'wrong'? Why?

A flag or a person, which actually matters?

Only cowards will fight in the US army and British army, as time goes by. The brave will just leave - because they cannot, forever, appease nazis.

Fuck off Hillary Clinton. And take the Democrats with you.

The methods of liars become weaker as they go forwards.

You who live safe in warm houses!

Fantasies of the distorted genocidal Israeli 'ring bangers'.

On Israel's hate lists.

Who is to blame?

China notes Western war mongering in Eastern Europe.

Civilised means loud racist ignorant behaviour, to the European establishment!

GCHQ has broken the law, according to IPT.

Barrett Brown and the state of censorship in the USA.

Holocausts are bad. Jews, Germans, Palestinians, Americans - these are interchangeable. Holocausts are the thing which are ALWAYS bad.

How old is art?

European nationalism and its roots.

IDF used as an armed criminal force.

Social Engineering through inaction.

America the gigantic graveyard.

If the US starts a violent war, how many Western Europeans will die?

Having respect for the victims of Hitler.

Collective punishment, a throwback only utterly stupid people engage in.

Youngsters, listen to Pilger.

Chomsky now and Chomsky in 1988.

Anthropocene period.

Time will tell on you, you old Jezebel? How long shall the wicked reign?

The art of fighting without fighting.

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Direction of resistance:

Removal of resistance:



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Point 921: "The morning found me miles away, with still a million things to say" (Brasil).

Thrust: Let's look at as wide a variety of useful information about 'day trading' and other short term trading/investing done by financial consumers in today's world. That means a lot of reading, sorry. But if you want to do a thing, it often pays to do it thoroughly - as Feynman has pointed out, his equals are those who push to the very edges of what they are learning about, who, as Bohr put it, I gather, make every mistake it is possible to make.

Welcome to the danger zone.

Neale Godfrey warns, in Forbes, that the average 'day trader' faces particularly hostile odds, the real 'professionals' who pursue this career "are well-established, disciplined traders who are experts in the markets. The other characteristic is that they invest large sums of money, which they can afford to lose. That seems strange, but in fact, they need a lot of money to capitalize effectively on small price movements. The other factor is that when you trade larger positions, you are faced with reduced commissions compared to what a small stock day trader will face".

So already your dream of making money relatively rapidly with only a small budget is seriously under attack! Yes, to make big money from day trading you have to start with even bigger money, to make money with a small amount is very likely to take a much much longer time, indeed years, depending on how you choose to do it (eg buying and holding some good value stocks).

That takes me straight to Robert Shiller (and Max Keiser and via Keiser Warren Bugget).

If you look up Robert Shiller online you'll find a few useful things - if you look in the mainstream news you'll find some of his answers to questions from journalists about whether it is, currently, possible to safely make money out of the stock market - well, some relative safety is implied in the question. Keiser would, of course, insist you ensure you hedge everything, so you really are safe, eg against major disaster.

Shiller seems to suggest, at this time, circa 2017, that the only way to do as asked is to buy "value stocks" - you can look this up - it is the stocks which all the various variables like "p/e/ ratio" and so on, "point to" - ie they cause analysts, machines and even yourself to say an item is "overvalued" or "undervalued" and even estimate percentages.

Shiller advises us that in the current markets many of the estimates are significantly exaggerated. He suggest you temper your expectations. Don't be greedy. He also reminds you that diversity is key - so pooling things is a crucial part of combatting unsightly probability! To drift into an overly abstract way of expressing truth, sorry.

And if you look up Shiller's lectures on youtube (or in the references below) you'll find one in which he talks about 'hedging and pooling' and in which he says some other vital things.

For example, when talking about systems and their worth, Shiller points out that any system which is capable of losing 100% in any individual year (or indeed other timeframe, I imagine), is a bad system. It doesn't matter what it makes in all the other units of that timeframe. So the minimum requirement of any system is to ensure that in any given year (or indeed hour) you cannot lose 100% of your investment. Of course in the age of "financial spread betting" and various ways to trade "futures" and "options", with leverage, many many many of the 'teachers' of these various 'methods' of trading, out there, strictly adhere to (and suggest you do) the notion that about 1% or 2% of your entire treasury should be the most ever risked, ever, on a single trade (so that includes 'spillage' - so you have to be tight and measured). The generous ones give you up to a full 5% of your treasury - ie that's how much they feel you can let it slide to. Either way, the importance of that in that context can't be exaggerated. A run of losses would not only give you a pretty huge warning signal to leave the market, etc, or shape up in some way, it would do so without depleting enough of your treasury to slow down your trading in future. Particularly if you went with the 1% figure - because then you'd lose 7% after a run of 7 losses - a run which would concern most people - it may in some cases not indicate an appalling method but generally it would.

The Green Zone.

Returning to "value stocks", bear in mind that, according to Max Keiser on his shows on RT, Warren Buffet's main method of making money out of the markets (other than owning companies which are on the exchanges) is "buy and hold" - ie buying and holding of stocks, value stocks, it would seem by all accounts, for the very longterm, making huge gains on value in a long period of time. The traditional and most simple approach to the stock market and trading which even in the 1980s was taught to kids like me - before the modern day, which has perverted the approach hugely and creates tha massive disaster zone Godfrey's article subtly draws your attention to (ie the hoardes of lost gamblers).

A computer game I used to play when very young, on the Acorn Electron, loaded up by audio tape, called "Business Games" - in particular the stock market game, taught me these fundamentals very well. Whilst the fact that it showed "p/e ratios" and a few other things escaped me, what mattered is that that simple game was made with the craftsmanship you may see in something like Rumpole of the Bailey or The Good Life or Yes Minister or so many things of the time, when diligence was considered your least duty, not the bar under which to measure your effort-to-pleasure 'score'.

Thus, because of its craftsmanship, it did only a few things and all of them in precise accordance with truth. It taught me, aged with single digits, to learn that on the stock market you buy stuff, not much, just one or two things, you just hold them for ages and sell them again and meanwhile you buy other stuff and sometimes sell it, and so on. But mostly you just buy and hold. That was taught to me since then so when I found some flash game 'simulating' some basic trading action, rather simplistically but still usefully, I unconsciously implemented that approach - I'd look for companies near the bottom of their present range, buy them, hold them until they'd made a 20% profit and ditch them. If they went the wrong way I'd just hold and wait, until such a time as either in profit (usually) or when they break even (if they take a particularly long time) and in this way would always win on that game, ie always end with profit - which is not a perfect indicator of how well one would do, but within reason it can help you gauge whether or not there's something in what you're doing.

Varying degrees of risk and innovation.

Enough about my experiences for now, let us continue with some material from some of the many people out there clearly attempting to encourage and teach various approaches to day trading and/or short term investment/trading. More about my experiences later, naturally, as there's plenty I have done and discovered.

There's something interesting about "Algorithmic forex strategies" which I have recently found and there are some key quotes on it I feel may be useful here:

It speaks of a few 'types' of algorithmic trading, specifically with the fx/forex market in mind.

To begin with it offers up 'trend' trading, which you hear about everywhere. It says people use "technical indicators" and "compare historical and current data" to predict continuance or reversal of trends. Presumably therefore an algorithm for such trades would commonly involve automatically selecting a trigger when certain technical indications coincide, with reference to previous and current prices and rates of change.

I personally think that the vast majority of those who 'lose' one way or another, not necessarily even in terms of financial loss (slaving your hours away painfully, even if the pain is dull psychological pain, is a loss, in my book), are people who use technical indicators other than the rawest possible truth about trend (ie value vs time, ie what "value stocks" are all about).

Shiller doesn't seem to mention them, so that interests me. At least not in anything key I've heard him say.

"Fundamentals" - are the "indicators" by which they work out "value stocks" - so I guess there is some sort of divergence of people who on the one hand believe technical indicators have some use and those who use fundamentals, primarily, with some, potentially, reference to technical indicators for the sake of efficiency.

Either way, I think the nub of it is that the "buy and hold" longterm trading/investing method is clearly the one with the better overall result from gain. The shorter the timespan in which you want to make money the larger the investment needed to turn the bare minimum of profit.

Returning to the writer talking about algorithmic forex trading, we find he talks, after mentioning 'trend' related trading (by means of indicators and comparisons of data), of "mean reversion" and then "news" driven trading - by which, in this case, as it is algorithmic, he's clearly talking about algorithms which respond to certain events and trade in response to them, after the event. Max Keiser would point out that "price precedes news", of course.

But what you can see is that algorithmic trading boils down to using choices made automatically on the basis of external (to you) activity. Some very basic aspects of the marketplace are used to derive this functionality from the mechanisms of that marketplace - the fact that there is an underlying 'trend' which is ever present, ie that you buy stocks, you hold them, they increase in value - that's the idea - so there is an innate 'trend' in all markets, always, potentially, and then the fact that due to ordinary characteristics of humans and perhaps much or all of life, there are other natural structural aspects of the marketplace which can be seen - so "mean reversion" is just the natural fact that in this life, in this world, things go a certain way and then a certain other - behaviour comes in pairs, triples, quadruples and more, not just randomness. So if something goes up a bit, on the market, it zig zags its way up, with ups and downs (otherwise how could such an environment be a workable marketplace?). And then "news" - crude but presumably to some extent "workable" - although Keiser's criticism of that approach does weaken any case for it, in my opinion.

Bang for buck.

So we have on the one hand value trading, what Keiser says Buffet does, what Shiller teaches apparently quite well, what the original computer games taught me works and is what the stock market is all about - then you have algorithms, a form of trading which Keiser also mentions positively, sometimes, although he mentions High Frequency trading also, as a curse, not a blessing. I'll leave you to read about that yourself if you choose.

And then, perhaps, outside that, all you have is a lot of gambling. But despite this there is a lot of useful and intelligent information out there on many sites and from many sources, talking about the methodology within this high risk sphere, and I think that understanding the key truths which emanate from there are of value even to the more "conservative" (financially - I think politically most humans are quite far from politically conservative, more so with every passing hour) investors/traders.

"Forex Ninja" and his algorithmic trading strategies, including the rest on his page (which I didn't bother with as they, to me, become less and less proximate to rational risk-averse business-like investing) provides much valuable insight into the underlying nature of using financial markets and tools, but as for the direction it seems to want to trade in, I think it's worth realising that forex is high speed, often the easiest way to make the biggest money out of the smallest - ie in terms of value for leverage. So it attracts much thrill seeking.

More than one person I've seen, and as my experiences will show when all written down here, I have seen it in my own work, longer term trading generally yields far more profit overall than short term trading - so why waste your money on the short term? If bang for buck is what you seek, after all, why would you day trade?

Reality or The Discworld?

So what have others to say which is of interest to us? Plenty.

For example, if you look around at numerous resources relaying various tricks and methods, various approaches relating to sizes and formations of candlesticks, or simply the bouncing between 'supports' and 'resistances', you will find many methods people claim to use to 'make profit' - but in all these cases, whether they work or not, and that is surely quite subjective, as well as random in the end, potentially, the methods require quite a lot of human waiting around or watching, decision making ultimately and a hell of a lot of analysis. Labour-intensive work is, particularly if it is psychologically straining, a high cost to pay for profits which may well be less than that which can be made by more relaxed and longterm trading/investing.

So I could sit here showing you dozens and dozens of the little tips and tricks people out there have shared, which you can find if you hunt hard enough, so very many little methods and ideas and so on - but in the end that would just lead to using up a huge amount of time waiting and watching graphs, and that surely is not what you want. That's a vain pursuit with little gain and much overt image and self-deception.

They talk about moving averages and 10001 indicators, they talk about risk-reward ratios and probability, but it seems to me that on the whole they are not really very scientific about what they do and thus we end up with the alarming levels of failure which many sources allege are the status quo - you can dig that data up yourself, it's not that important for our purposes here, which is to try to get to the bottom of that which works in the most established and reliable way and can be trusted and is "probable" - in the sense Shiller talks about in that lecture about heding and pooling (check the references below! DO watch it! It's long but very educational).

When I say they're not scientific, or at least not scientific enough, I mean that they take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world - they don't really factor in what Shiller and indeed Keiser (and Buffet?) treat as the very fundamental basis on which the markets operate - ie that it's a social contract, an investment, for the longterm, in value, in progress. Okay that last bit may well not be what a lot of sane people would agree, in the end, truly applies to Buffet, but we're talking about the principle and of course the way that impacts financial decisions only (rather than other choices, such as whether or not you build businesses which make society better, whether you do things which Keiser's activistic hedge funds wouldn't seek out and destroy!)

The financial marketplace is a huge biosphere and therefore trying to randomly 'predict' tiny bits of it is seemingly quite a stupid thing. But perhaps it takes a very single-minded mathematician to truly appreciate why probability, on the larger scale of things, is generally against all these other ploys, ie other than the basic buy and hold stocks of value technique. But as Keiser points out, algorithms work too - and there's a reason - because algorithms are a means, not anything else - so you can simply use algorithms to profit from the same aspects of the market that you would through simply buying and holding stocks in an intelligent way.

Returning, however, to the important matter of the many many tools, indicators, resources etc which drive the bulk of trading, different tools in different concentrations and on different sides of the corporate wall.

It's important to cover everything thoroughly, even if we don't want to stop to describe every silly name for every candlestick formation, every youtube video where some bright spark thinks that some very simplistic day trading method and a tonne of stress is really something with timeless value. Many such things can, if not help you, then drive your creativity and fuel your own experimentation, potentially in a bad way if you don't really know what you're doing.

But what about the huge amount of tools and resources the big firms rely on - their vast mechanism for helping their traders be as efficient as reliable as possible, potentially?

Trading on events, ranging from political to financial, above all expected-events, eg when reports are coming out the next day and you believe that other public domain information can guide you to a reasonable prediction of that report's crux, is apparently at the heart of very large scale capital-building, ie highly successful trading.

Economic reports, the landscape of mergers and acquisitions, things like that, and indeed other 'news' about events relating to a company or market or currency or whatever - a system even (think bitcoin, etc) - are a very helpful tool when looking for rare, high return speculations with low risk, and the frequency with which such things can be found is presumably very high on this global village of a planet.

If I had to sit down and master one way to trade right now I suppose I'd master "event-driven" trading - but only on top of all else I've learned so far.

So what else did I learn? Well, in among the more intelligent voices out there you will find great emphasis put on "back testing" - but that can mean so many things.

For me it meant, in one case (of many), assembling around 15 years' data, daily opening, close, highs and lows, for about 30 companies, and then testing an algorithm on that data.

People are at pains to point out that past behaviour does not indicate future behaviour, of course, but there is some degree of measurability without a doubt - in certain very core behaviours such as those which underlie the very existence of "value stocks".

I shall return to this section of the page later.

Direction of resistance: Let us take a look, therefore, at "event-driven" trading, a method which is clearly favoured by many of the successful and "big", understandably.

Nonetheless "even" event-driven trading is speculative (if done legally, anyway!) and in the end what Shiller mentions about "fat tailed distribution" may be an overriding factor in the end (see that video I was suggesting you watch, about hedging and pooling). Take the 2008 "credit crunch" or crash or whatever you call it. The mis-sold loans. That's one hell of a fat tail we saw. So in the end whilst buying and holding for the very longterm is clearly pretty damn reliable, even "event-driven" trading is at the mercy, in the end, of risk which goes beyond just the basic risk of living in society - I mean in the end the buy and hold method could fail if all of society melted down entirely, but for event-driven trading to melt you down takes a lot less, really, than a universally destructive event!

Removal of resistance: Let's start with a very basic method of event-driven trading and explore it. I'm going to look first at earnings reports and how people use the event of an earnings report to try and speculate their way to a good gain. To begin with one must look at Earnings calendars, at Earnings announcements.

To begin with, tomorrow (18th January 2018) there is an earnings report due on a company on the FTSE somewhere - called 'Chemring'. So if one had wanted to speculate on it, trading on it before the close of business today would be the thing to do (a bit late for that now).

In simple terms, if the earnings report is higher than expected or very good - then you'd expect a rise in price, certainly not a fall. If it's below expectations, you may expect it to fall. But there are other factors - it may be a 'good' report but fall short of expectations, and that could lead to a drop in the price.

So essentially you'd be looking online for all the analyses from major sources (eg Bloomberg) and at estimations and projections and previous results - and that would guide your speculation. The link in the references below from "IG" on how to trade earnings releases will no doubt make things clearer.

So looking at Chemring, what could one conclude today, before tomorrow's release?

Well - there is one firm out there which has given it a 'buy' rating. Other things you read out there indicate that it has performed quite well. One measure of 'strength' where 8 or 9 is strong and 2 is weak showed it to have a rating of 6, so close to strong if not actually strong.

Does this make for a very inviting trade? Probably not. Nothing especially interesting. But then maybe I'm wrong. How would one trade these releases? Seeking to trade them if any of them seemed even slightly inviting? Or only going for stuff which looks set to make a big impact? Perhaps the latter. Low risk, high reward, rare trades.

As the document from IG may indicate to you - what's needed is a very thorough background analysis of the company, by you, in relation to its earnings, estimated earnings, the earnings for the market in question, the history of that particular company's share price vis a vis its earnings reports, etc. A comprehensive knowledge of the landscape involved, basically.

And so perhaps one would be led to believe that trading on these sorts of opportunity is a way to come up with a few big wins out of every batch of trades which includes a bunch of small losses. The maths of it is quite clear and the capacity to build capital also clear.

But in the end one is making guesses, predictions, before the event. Although that is essentially what the bulk of trading is about, it's a bit different to the buy and hold mentality since the latter is really just a way of accepting that in the longrun good companies grow - and that's more of a certainty than a speculation.

Another thing which may impact Chemring is that people out there are saying it will do well because it serves the US military - and they mention NATO's increasing warfare in Syria and Afghanistan as reasons for increase in value of chemring. That may be rather bold - currently the plans of the USA in Syria have gone astray and their aim to wage a lot of warfare therein have apparently been altered/hindered by international peace efforts and the involvement of the Russian military at the request of Syria's elected government. So perhaps in fact there's an interesting speculation brewing - perhaps Chemring will turn out to be a "doozy" - as the guy in Groundhog day might call it.

Since I'm not trading with money on it - as I missed the chance, which passed four and a half hours ago (I'm writing these words at 9pm) it's not the same thing but I'm going to be contrarian and say that I'd like to have 'shorted' it - it's at 182 and that's near where it was when it closed, one imagines, so hypothetically maybe I've had shorted it at say 180 and given it a stop loss of 200 - it'd have a guaranteed stop on it but if that was forced to be above 200 then I'd use an order for a buy at 200 to act as the 'really existing' stop.

So, let's see what happens tomorrow, eh? The fact is that if the earnings report for any reason causes it to drop one can hardly expect a massive drop anyway. So perhaps the strategy would be to set the limit to about 150, so that the reward is larger than the risk, ie 20 loss to 30 win, and then see what happens when it opens - and if it drops under 170 to then move the stop to 180, so that it cannot close at a loss, and then wait and see if it pushes down to 150, perhaps moving the stop down to 175 and 170 as the price moves down, over subsequent days, to 165 and 160. The moving of stops like that isn't a good idea in certain circumstances, but that's not a general rule. In this case, in the speculation theorised about, I feel that it sounds like a good strategy.

Anyway, to be contrarian, and because of the fact that my political reading makes me aware that whilst bullish hawkish media portray America's military operations as "all systems go" - the truth is that the Syria operations have been significantly hindered by attempts by others to bring the war to an end and create peace. Consequently some of the reasoning behind expectations in the marketplace may well be flawed. It's a long shot - and I guess the other thing I'd expect is to analyse a fair few potential trades before finding one genuinely tempting.

Because there is a possibility that chemring's fate may be based on realities which much of the mainstream is in denial about, though, I feel this would be worth a shot. So tomorrow we'll see how utterly wrong I am about it!! And no doubt I can look at other examples, as many as possible, to explore this one particular method of 'event-driven' trading - obviously after that it may be worth studying other types of event - eg mergers and acquisitions. The rules for trading particular types of event will be general rules for that type - so mastering it is really not anything but straightforward - although it's a little tedious, it's true. Nonetheless, if tedium were an objection to forms of money-making - who would still have a job? Not a lot of people.

One of the links in the references below is marked 'chemring forecasts' - you can see from that includes recommendations which currently advise you to buy/hold and predict it will outperform.

The US has signalled "open-ended" presence in Syria in recent hours, so there is clearly a lot of bullish sentiment among those hoping to cash in on imperialist war hawk presence of basically white racist genocidal filth in countries they want to steal from! The immorality of NATO's actions sadly do not mean that the actions will not be carried out - so from everything one reads online one would conclude that Chemring will do well. As for whether one should, if one believes all that, buy - who knows? One analysis of fundamentals I refer to tells me it's overvalued, significantly. So that would concur with my speculation. On the basis of that and the rest of my speculation I think I'd (in my youthful moments of learning to master 'event-driven' trading) definitely have shorted it if I'd read all this stuff in the morning - and it was all there in the morning for me to read! So let's see what happens tomorrow - and then I'll carry on writing this document.

So let's pretend I'd have shorted it then at 180, with a stop of 200, a limit of 150 and the intention to move the stop to 180 if the price drops to 170 and then move the stop to 175 if the prices drops to 165 - and then do no more stop moving, just leave it to hit 150. That's the speculation - let's see what happens.

After that there are earnings reports for IG group and Lloyds bank on the 23rd which I could analyse and which I could potentially trade on. As well as IDOX plc and Lakehouse plc, I think. Anyway, let's see what happens tomorrow with Chemring.

[to be continued]

Unification: (this point is being written - it will take many hours to write but i'll keep publishing it to this spot intermittently, to keep the remote copy of it {from my point of view} updated)

Shiller - universal principal of risk management
"Business games" for BBC micro, ported to internet/flash for near-universal accessibility
Flash game which simulates trading in a very basic way but useful[..]/how-to-trade-earnings-releases-32175
chemring forecasts

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Point 920: Sitting around with lists of who to kill.

Thrust: Norman Pollack, one of my favourite writers on planet earth, writes 'Oh, those nasty Russians. Putin and his national-security advisers sitting around on Terror Tuesdays with their hit lists, planning drone assassinations thousands of miles away. Oh, those nasty Russians, with their black sites, renditions, and enhanced interrogation techniques of torture, water-boarding, sensory deprivation, rectal feeding, electronic stimulation, guided by blue-ribbon psychologists. Oh, those nasty Russians, their National Security Agency spying on the Russian people through the massive surveillance of their emails and telephone calls. Oh, those nasty Russians, their defense budget as large or larger than that of all other nations combined. Oh, those nasty Russians, forming regional alliances, providing military aid, conducting joint military maneuvers intended to confront-intimidate-threaten their adversaries both East and West. Oh, those nasty Russians, their Central Intelligence Agency functioning as a secret government engaged worldwide in regime change, subversion, sponsored-NGO propaganda activities. Oh, those nasty Russians, busily modernizing their nuclear arsenal in the name of nuclear reduction of forces. Oh, those nasty Russians, involved in two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and numerous other skirmishes over the last several decades. Oh, those.... Hey, wait-a-minute, that's us, not them - in every single particular, and then some, from the threatened veto in the UN Security Council to prevent the Palestinians from having their independent state to the Pacific-first strategy, battleships, carrier-groups, long-range aircraft, nuclear-capable, to contain, isolate, deconstruct China'.

Direction of resistance: It's quite important that those calling Trump names admit that they ought to have called Clinton and Obama the same names.

Removal of resistance: But they are shallow and one-sided and live only to please others, so they don't speak when the truth requires them to - they speak when self-interest requires them to.

Unification: I think it's time all these liars and fools are taught a proper lesson - time we have a proper president in the USA - ie President Chomsky. That's what's needed.


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Point 919: US's gamesmanship is much more dangerous than the mainstream wants to believe, if they even believe it exists.

Thrust: PressTV writes 'The State Department and the NY Times got caught red-handed with faked evidence of Russian aggression in East Ukraine. But the story is now one of a double and maybe a triple hoax.

One might become curious at the US repeatedly claiming that Russian troops and agents were the tip of the spear on the East Ukraine civic building takeovers. Why? Because day after day the charges went on and on without any proof being put on the table.

Now mind you, this is after we have had several big intercept releases, which we assume were from Russian intelligence, starting with Victoria Nuland and her potty mouth discussing who was going to be in the post-coup government in Kiev. This is the same Ms. Nudlemann that was shoehorned into a top level State Dept. job some years ago with only four years of college and no diplomatic experience. It is the kind of placement that would catch the eye of counter-intelligence people of someone being planted.

What made her position so strange is that she had started as an assistant to Dick Cheney, so her qualifications were family and Israel Lobby political connections. That she was kept over from the Bush thugs by Obama is still mind boggling, when all the NeoCons should have been cleaned out in the first day security sweep.

And then we had the EU's Catherine Ashton and the Latvia Foreign Minister talking about the Maidan coup killings, and how everyone knew who had done it, and how nonchalant Ashton was about that news. Those were major intelligence coups by the Russians to use on YouTube to stake out who the real aggressors were in Ukraine'.

Direction of resistance: It is disappointing to learn that Ashton is such a spineless waste of space! I had heard good things about her previously.

Removal of resistance: The US treats reality the same way a screenwriter does.

Unification: That's very stupid and very dangerous. China has its work cut out. We better hope they're good enough to solve this problem. No one else has the option.


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Point 918: "indifferent attitude toward the cruel circumstances of their lives".

Thrust: Jeffrey St. Clair writes 'Rarely has a major political figure taken such pride in thinking long and deeply over policy matters only to arrive at dumb and uninspired decisions.

Take Obama's post-election executive action on immigration, a move he should've made years earlier. At best it was a half-measure, which explicitly exempted the more than two million people deported by Obama himself. This was followed by Obama's timorous and inchoate response to the outrageous grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown to death in cold blood. Blacks and Hispanics have many reasons to feel enraged about the president's indifferent attitude toward the cruel circumstances of their lives.

The Democrats' death embrace with neoliberalism has gone almost unchallenged since the rise of Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, the grip tightening with each successive election. Now it has all but strangled the life out of the party. The victims of neoliberalism once constituted the popular base for the party. Now the Democratic Party has become a tomb for its ancient New Deal factions and all the hedge fund dark money in the world won't summon the old troops back to life'.

Direction of resistance: Indeed in Britain today electioneers may readily cite Grenfell as a reason to not vote Tory.

Removal of resistance: And yet Emily Thornberry and other Blairite Labour stooges-of-corporations give as little a shit about actually changing the status quo as any Tory.

Unification: So stop lying to yourselves, electioneers. Give us a better society or shut the fuck up and stop pretending, stop faking it.


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Point 917: Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their need?

Thrust: I will if you will.

Direction of resistance: You know, I will anyway.

Removal of resistance: You may too.

Unification: I have to give you some credit. You're reading this.


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Point 916: What have we done to the world? Look what we've done.

Thrust: Jackson was one of America's finest.

Direction of resistance: Instead of being proud of him, such that the world can respect America that little bit he draws in to it - look what America and its colonies did to his name.

Removal of resistance: What mud they are.

Unification: I won't be any cruder than that because I wouldn't want to be profane next to such a decent work of art.


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Point 915: History isn't for flag waving, it's for understanding sociology.

Thrust: Ramzy Baroud writes 'Consider this, once fringe group like the Houthis of Yemen are becoming the kingmakers of a country, whose central government is by name only, and whose military is divided between sectarian, regional and tribal allegiances. How is one to report on this fairly new phenomenon without developing a solid understanding of Yemeni history and historical divides, regional and international politics that have greatly disturbed any sense of normalcy in that Arab country for decades? Scraps of information about the Yemen revolution from Wikipedia and some newspaper's 'fact sheet' will not do, if one indeed aims to convey a reasonably full picture of the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

History is essential to understanding any conflict in the region, because every single conflict has its own protracted history, which understanding is essential to fathoming the complexity of the present.'.

Direction of resistance: It's for this reason that everyone from the Daily Mail to the Guardian is in the business of misleading the public.

Removal of resistance: These institutions do not encourage readers to look for and study the facts, the past, the evidence.

Unification: They take a Bernaysian approach and basically require of their readers that the readers submit to their (the Mail's or Guardian's) 'superior' knowledge of the situation.

Rather than wanting you to read as part of a process of critical thinking and making up your own mind about things, they want you to read the way an evangelist might want you to read a 'Bible' - ie with a sense of inferiority on your part and a willingness to take what you are told and just call that truth without questioning it - leaving you free to get on with the business of consuming goods and services sold to you by corporations and their kind.


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Point 914: One Korea.

Thrust: Raza Naeem writes 'I was telling you the story of America and Western imperialists. In 1858, patriots in China rose in revolt in the Boxer Uprising but the Western imperialists colluded to crush the uprising with great force and reopened the doors of this 5000 year old civilized country for an alien looter who wanted to enter and rob the hard work of the Chinese people, control its rivers, wanted to deprive the Chinese people of the wealth and valuable products of its mines and wanted to trample their national honour and sanctity afoot. So all this happened and the First World War was fought and then the Second World War at the end of which it looked as if the whole of China and Japan has come under American imperialist domination and then Korea too; in the middle of Korea below the 38th parallel, in the entire area the American dollar found a foothold and in this way the beautiful country of Korea was divided. Its civilizational history is at least 4000 years old. If I tell you that this is a crime against humanity, it won't be an exaggeration. Because till now, a nation's heart has never been measured with longitudinal and latitudinal lines. Korea has been one country since a long time, one nation, one language, one song and will remain so even after all the conspiracies and wars of the Western and American imperialists. I believe that today no alien power or force has the right to divide a nation in two and whoever does that, we don't call him democratic, rather anti-democratic'.

Direction of resistance: It's worth watching the tv series MASH.

Removal of resistance: Many people from generations who saw it know the world is very different to what you are taught, you who haven't seen that sort of thing.

Unification: Go and buy MASH (4077) - all eleven seasons, and watch it. And the film. You must know the truth about the world. Corporate goons want you to submit yourself to them and let them 'worry' about the details and keep you 'innocently' in the dark while they decide what's true and false. This is not a good idea. Don't be fooled by the gloss and lamination or even your own slobbish weaknesses - face the truth, face that it is up to you to know or not know. Nobody else.


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Point 913: Branson has proved the value of worker ownership.

Thrust: It seems that the workforce of a train network he owned actually banned sales of the Daily Mail.

Direction of resistance: When the management found out they unbanned it.

Removal of resistance: The workers presumably found that the newspaper in question was constantly attacking THEM and denigrating them.

Unification: Branson's failure is a clear example of why worker ownership is VITAL to a modern, intelligent, productive, progressive, evolved economy.

Perhaps nationalisation isn't the right answer for the rail networks. Perhaps we need to move much more rapidly towards actual worker ownership, starting with Branson's train related business.


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Point 912: 150 cases of child abuse reported by boy scouts in Britain. Where is the loud angry press when it's not a designated enemy 'foreigner' who is shown to be a rapist.

Thrust: Oliver Jeffcott writes 'December 10 may not have been an important news day for many, but for some a short segment on the BBC news evoked painful memories.

The piece involved a client of my firm talking about the abuse they suffered in the Scout Association. Within minutes of the story breaking, my firm was fielding calls from people who claimed they had also suffered physical and sexual abuse whilst in the Scouts.

Since then, over 150 people have contact us to report their abuse in the Scouts. Some of the cases involved abuse on a single occasion, while others complained of events taking place over a period of several years'.

Direction of resistance: How are these crimes really going to be stopped if the bulk of Britain's 'media' and psyche is primarily engaged in medieval witch-hunts for foreigners in which everyone but a white male is portrayed as some form of sexual deviant (including, to a great extent, the white female, whom the mainstream culture presents as a hypersexual type of human, and indeed enforces this to whatever extent it can)?

Removal of resistance: In Britain, 1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16.

Unification: Note that, obviously, out of the estimated 100 rapists who rape women and men each day, the majority of that 100 rapists is a 'white male'. And yet you don't get an attack on all white men based on each and every incident involving white men convicted of rape, paedpohilia, grooming children for sex, creating paedophile porn, etc - it just doesn't happen - those men are somehow not deemed typical of white male society, whereas any time a non white male is involved in such crimes it is then used by much of the 'popular' media to present some sort of backward white supremacist 'case' against 'foreigners', immigrants, refugees, etc.

This is just very backward and medieval and primitive and ignorant and animal-like - it shows that a significant chunk of British society is 1000s of years behind much of the globe's human population, evolutionarily speaking.


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Point 911: Britain's left wing is huge and ready.

Thrust: They kicked Thatcher's arse, they followed John Smith's dream, the slapped Tony Blair's silly face, they mocked Gordon Brown's lies, they hung Cameron together with Brown, when Clegg betrayed them they hung him too, when Brand wooed them they rolled in and listened, they are ready.

Direction of resistance: There is a tiny megaphone which makes the far right look big here. But it ain't.

Removal of resistance: Britain is a very left wing land, its population ready for total democratic revolution.

Unification: The banking tyrants know this. They will do ANYTHING to stop it. Don't be fooled. Britain is ripe for turning into a bona fide civilised country. It can really happen. Yes it can. Forget Katie Hopkins and the like. They are a much smaller problem than you think. They need their megaphones to look big. They are seriously outnumbered.


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Point 910: Israel is an apartheid regime, a criminal and pariah. Anyone who stands by them is ignorant and earns my disrespect.

Thrust: Miko Peled writes 'As usual, the Europeans profit, Israel is permitted to continue its brutal colonial regime over Palestine, and the Palestinians remain alone. The recognition of the 'State of Palestine' is nothing more than what Franz Fanon calls 'the farce of national independence' (Franz Fanon, 'The Wretched of the Earth'). It provides for a select group of Palestinians the illusion of power with titles like 'President' 'Minister' 'Ambassador,' the all time favorite 'Head of Security' and it absolves Europeans of their complicity with Israel.'.

Direction of resistance: Peled explains 'But, as Franz Fanon writes in 'The Wretched of the Earth,' 'Colonialism is not a machine capable of thinking, a body endowed with reason. It is naked violence and only gives in when confronted by greater violence.' My father and the other liberal Zionists were wrong then and their successors are wrong now. For there is no way to stop the colonial machine once it has started. You cannot contain its insatiable hunger, its lust for power and its brutal force. That is why a 'Zionist peace camp' is a sham, that is why there is no possibility of peace with the apartheid regime known as Israel.'

Removal of resistance: The face of Ahed Tamimi is looking out at Israel and its "supporters" from history now.

Unification: Can you hold her stare, mother fuckers?


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Point 909: The Sound of Nazis.

Thrust: Binoy Kampmark writes 'Nonsense in abundance, laced with historical dubiousness, sells. Sugar, sweetly numbing, is consumed. This was nourishing manna for Hollywood, and the transformation of the tale demonstrates both the seductiveness, and the dangers, of the dream machine which refuses to let you wake'.

Direction of resistance: A spoonful of propaganda helps the genocide go down, the genocide go down, the genocide go down.

Removal of resistance: And it sure is going down.

Unification: Any of us who are not shameless are still going to try and stop it. We'll never give in. We'll never condone genocide.


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Point 908: British culture owned by oil companies?

Thrust: Charles Thomson writes 'The Tate's dirty little secret is now out in the public gaze, and the gallery stands humiliated, exposed and excoriated before the world, forced by the Information Tribunal to reveal under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the BP financial sponsorship, which it was struggling desperately to withhold'.

Direction of resistance: Thomson reasons 'In 2006-7, the Trustee accounts claim 1,665,705 visitors to Tate Britain (I went half a dozen times, so that should actually be 1,665,700). This works out at just under 20p per visitor to hijack 500 years of British art, and that is without the 806,000 Tate website visitors in 2006 ('The number-one arts website in the UK')'

Removal of resistance: British culture is under siege by corporate whores.

Unification: It could well end up wiped out in the siege. Things are looking bad.


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Point 907: Hate crimes and murder sprees against muslims not yet being appropriately condemned by much of posh, 'respectable' Britain, with its Guardian and Telegraph readers, Mail and Mirror readers.

Thrust: The Independent reports 'A Muslim Iraqi immigrant was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Dallas, Texas, as he watched his first snowfall.

Ahmed Al-Jumaili, 36, and his brother are reported to have run outside of their apartment after midnight on Thursday to look at the snow, while his wife Zahraa took pictures. He was then shot in a hail of gunfire that left eight bullets lodged in a parked truck at the scene.

Cotner told CNN Al-Jumaili shouted 'I'm hit' before running back to his apartment. He died later at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas.

Officers 'haven't excluded' the possibility that the murder is a hate crime, Cotner told the Dallas Morning News, and police are said to be working 'tirelessly' on the case.

But many have condemned the lack of media coverage initially given to the story in the US, expressing their outrage under the hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter.'.

Direction of resistance: What makes all of this so much more painful is the sordid attempt by those responsible for this hatred to pretend it is those they victimise who do the hating.

Removal of resistance: A troubling situation.

Unification: Which needs sorting out. Which needs Jeremy Corbyn in charge, sorting it out.


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Point 906: Russia, India and China want the world to provide support to alleviate the 'humanitarian situation in Palestine'.

Thrust: Xinuanet reports 'The Ministers affirmed their support for efforts to seek a comprehensive and long-term solution to the Iranian nuclear issue through political and diplomatic means. They welcomed the extension of negotiations between P5+1 and Iran, and hoped that the two sides intensify diplomatic efforts with a view to reaching a comprehensive agreement at an early date. The Ministers encouraged Iran and the IAEA to enhance cooperation to resolve all the outstanding issues. The Ministers stressed that once the IAEA confirms the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear programme by means of applying stringent monitoring and resolving all past and present issues of concern, Iran will fully enjoy all the rights to peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including uranium enrichment under strict IAEA safeguards and consistent with its international obligations.'

Direction of resistance: And also that 'The Ministers expressed deep concern about the current crisis in Ukraine, and called on all parties in the inter-Ukraine conflict to exercise restraint and fully implement the Minsk Protocol, engage in comprehensive dialogue and pursue a peaceful resolution of the crisis through political negotiations. The Ministers stressed that an independent, objective, fair and transparent international investigation should be carried out for the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, and parties concerned should engage in cooperation within the framework of Resolution 2166 of the UN Security Council.'

Removal of resistance: And that 'The Ministers discussed the latest developments in Syria. They reiterated that there is no military solution to the Syrian crisis and urged all parties to abjure violence and resume peace negotiations based on "Geneva Communique" of June 2012. The Ministers called on the Syrian government and opposition factions to resume the Geneva process as soon as possible, stick to the approach of political settlement and draw on the useful experience of others to find a "middle way" that conforms to Syria's national conditions and accommodates the interests of all parties, and start the national reconciliation process at an early date. The Ministers supported the mediation efforts by the UN Secretary-General and his special envoy to secure "incremental freeze zones" and to allow humanitarian aid to civilians. They highly valued the efforts by Russia to convene the first meeting of inter-Syrian consultations between representatives of the Syrian Government and opposition groups in January 2015. The Ministers welcomed the important achievements made in the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons, and complimented the Organizations for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in its efforts towards elimination and destruction of chemical weapons in Syria. They expressed support for the efforts of the Syrian Government to combat terrorism. They called on all parties in Syria to implement relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, and fully cooperate with the United Nations and relevant international organizations in their humanitarian efforts. They called on the international community to abide by the guiding principles of the United Nations on humanitarian assistance.'

Unification: That's what they said. It was at a meeting of Russian, Indian and Chinese foreign ministers in 2015.


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Point 905: Post-colonial India went down a terrible slope into hell, where it still is.

Thrust: Mehnaaz Momen writes 'How can a country, a people, be successful in lifting their economic status and yet slide so painfully on issues of tolerance and justice? While the anomaly of economic growth and political instability going together continues to baffle theorists, deeper anomalies of religious and cultural identities have larger- than-life implications for people who identify as Bengalis and/or Bangladeshis.'

Direction of resistance: India is the black sheep of BRICS, it is a rape haven. It is a hell on earth for women. It is disgusting and needs to change.

Removal of resistance: In its frenzied attack on muslims, the mainstream western media has failed to pay any serious attention to the way in which India has become more and more warped in recent times.

Unification: Indeed the situation surrounding the use of nuclear weapons in the battlefield - the degree to which authorisation is or isn't needed - ought to concern us ALL - I'd start researching that if I were you. And to some extent I am.


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Point 904: Germany and austerity.

Thrust: Conn Hallinan writes 'Myths are dangerous precisely because they rely more on cultural memory and prejudice than facts, and behind the current crisis between Greece and the European Union (EU) lays a fable that bears little relationship to why Athens and a number of other countries in the 28-member organization find themselves in deep distress.

The tale is a variation of Aesop's allegory of the industrious ant and the lazy, fun-loving grasshopper, with the 'northern countries' - Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Finland - playing the role of the ant, and Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland the part of the grasshopper.'

Direction of resistance: Hallinan points out 'What seems clear is that Germany and its allies are trying to force Syriza into accepting conditions that will undermine its support in Greece and demoralize anti-austerity movements in other countries.'

Removal of resistance: Chomsky has pointed out that Germany gained from huge debt forgiveness after world war 2.

Unification: Today it ought to do the same for European nations hit by the banking 'crisis'.


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Point 903: Proving the racism of English middle classes beyond all doubt, repeatedly, until they agree to change.

Thrust: Ruel F. Pepa writes 'To postulate racial discrimination as being natural to the human condition is tantamount to granting to racism a universal biological grounding. In this regard, it would be normal to assume that human beings are racist to varying degrees in their relationships with people of different racial origins. Therefore, the issue of racism taken in this light is not basically one of ethical concern, since it would ordinarily be assumed and expected that in normal circumstances all human beings would be more or less racist. Superficially, this does not look harmful at all and could be regarded as negligible, because racism, or being 'race-centered' could simply be taken as a natural attitude of giving more importance and concern to the well being of the people of the particular race in which one belongs, somewhat like our attitude of showing more concern and love for our own families: that is, being family-centered without necessarily being antagonistic or adversarial towards other families.'

Direction of resistance: Pepa states that 'Opposed to the above position is the belief that racism is a matter of cultural programming. In other words, racism is learned and is never natural or inherently biological. Here it is generally considered that a human child is fundamentally 'color blind,' i.e., devoid in any consciousness of whatever pertains to racial discrimination. This position, in my opinion, is both empirical and reasonable because we have witnessed and observed many convincing instances where cultural orientation is the culprit in societies where racism has become an alarming situation. Its toxicity is passed on from one generation to the next, and the programming process starts at home. Young children are conditioned to believe that, since they belong to a race more superior than those of the others, the basic norm is not to mix with others. Beyond this, the more dangerous attitude that is developed and sustained during maturation is one of animosity and hatred.'

Removal of resistance: This is the thing.

Unification: So many unnatural forces have conspired, ultimately, to drive a set of very unnatural behavioural patterns.

It is disturbing, therefore, to the extreme, that the vast majority of marriages among people I have known of my generation are 'mono-racial' - ie both partners are almost 'exactly the same' in that context. Which is technically highly unnatural, from a holistic and longterm point of view.


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Point 902: Somebody has to say it.

Thrust: Andre Vltchek writes 'I am an atheist, but I am not Charlie Hebdo!'.

Direction of resistance: Vltchek points out 'My disgust with Western imperialism and fascism is much stronger than my aversion towards religions. And I don't think that 'all religions are equally evil.' I mainly hold Christianity responsible for most of the crimes committed in modern human history. I hold it responsible for 'derailing' and radicalizing traditionally much more peaceful religions, like Buddhism and yes, like Islam'.

Removal of resistance: Thank you Mr Vltchek.

Unification: The destruction of India and its descent into a barbaric rape wonderland for sickos is just one of the many notches on British Christianity's belt.


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Point 901: Energy company pleaded guilty to criminal charges, but you were not told.

Thrust: Russell Mokhiber writes 'Duke Energy will plead guilty to federal criminal charges in connection with last year's coal ash spill in the Dan River as well as other unauthorized discharges at other Duke coal plants in North Carolina.

You wouldn't have known about the guilty plea from reading America's leading newspapers.

The New York Times ran an Associated Press story under the headline - Duke Energy Agrees to Fund Dan River Cleanup.'

Direction of resistance: Mokhiber illustrates how extensively the U.S. media pursued this abuse of language and of the public's right to know what's going on.

Removal of resistance: A singular lack of the willingness to criticise corporations.

Unification: Or to make corporations obey the state and its will - and indeed, therefore, the will of the people.


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Point 900: Alfred Noble the Arms Manufacturer and the genocidal maniacs given 'peace' prizes in his name.

Thrust: Gilbert Mercier writes 'Nothing could be more appropriate for the warmongering Orwellian empire than to have as its current public-relations person a Nobel peace prize laureate. The irony and absurdity of it all is tragic. On February 11, 2015, president Obama sent an official request to the US Congress to pass an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against America's latest elusive enemy: ISIS or ISIL. In the request to Congress, which is a gem in Orwellian rhetoric and legalese, it is mentioned that Obama 'has directed a comprehensive and sustained strategy to degrade and defeat ISIL', further the letter explains the plan to use convenient regional surrogates on the front line of the empire's new war: 'Local forces, rather than the US military should be deployed to conduct such operations. The authorization I propose would provide the flexibility (for the US military) to conduct ground combat operations.....''.

Direction of resistance: Of course Alfred Nobel was himself some sort of dodgy git, I gather.

Removal of resistance: Yes, check the second counterpunch article in the links below.

Unification: He is referred to as an "arms manufacturer". A banal document from the BBC apparently confirms this (but presumably paints it as a jolly good show).


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Point 899: The dark empty hole where the soul of many a British and American militarist should be.

Thrust: Paul Street writes 'After seeing American Sniper, I found it unsurprising to learn that a large number of Americans were influenced by the film to post comments like these on Twitter: 'Great fucking movie and now I really want to kill some fucking ragheads.'

'American sniper makes me wanna go shoot some fuckin Arabs.'

'Just watched american sniper and I feel like killing every sand nigger on the fucking planet.'

'American sniper got me pumped up to kill sand people.'

'American Sniper was so good. Makes me wanna join the Seals and take some towelheads out.'

'Damn props for the director of American Sniper making me wanna snipe some towel heads/sand niggers.'

'American sniper made me appreciate soldiers 100x more and hate Muslims 1000000x more.'

'American Sniper best movie EVER hands down. Really captures just how insane Muslims in Iraq and Syria are.'

'Nice to see a movie where the Arabs are portrayed for who they really are - vermin scum intent on destroying us.'

'American Sniper the movie is about one of our HERO warriors but it also exposes the sick culture of Muslims and there way of living.''

Direction of resistance: Street explains 'Zero Dark Thirty's outward impartiality over the sickeningly cruel and unusual punishments inflicted by CIA torturers amounted to a normalization and endorsement of torture that was all the more insidiously potent precisely because of its understated, detached, and 'objective' veneer' and 'Like Zero Dark Thirty's apologists, American Sniper's defenders claim that the film takes a neutral perspective of pure and true storytelling, neither for nor against the US occupation of Iraq. Eastwood has even claimed that the movie reflects his opposition to the war. In reality, however, the movie is so rife with reactionary, racist, and imperial distortions and deletions as to function for all intents and purposes as flat out war propaganda'. and 'The film's audiences are supposed to marvel at the supposedly noble feats, sacrifice, and heroism of Chris Kyle, a rugged, militantly patriotic, and Christian-fundamentalist Navy SEALS sniper who participated in the US invasion of Iraq in order to fight 'evil' and to avenge the al Qaeda jetliner attacks of September 11, 2001.'

Removal of resistance: Clint Eastwood, eh?

Unification: What a way for Eastwood's credibility (as a popular movie maker) to die. I mean you can't really survive doing something as awful as that, in the end.

Hollywood has, since then, been exposed very clearly for what it is - ie the feudal court mechanism of beasts like Weinstein, Spacey, etc etc. And it is greatly in denial, all the more so, hysterically scapegoating those they can and never actually admitting guilt. The entire networked world of it is in-bred, morally, is warped and hypersexual and basically amoral, violent and self-righteous - they all create the Harvey Weinsteins and indeed the Jimmy Saviles.


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Point 898: Nazis, war crimes, Ukraine, and OUR FUTURE.

Thrust: Roger Annis writes 'Among the three, the Star has distinguished itself in that three of its writers have used their column and article space to vaunt the fundraising projects of Ukraine's extreme- right parties and militias and the Ukraine army. These are forces which have been shelling towns and cities in eastern Ukraine and otherwise committing countless war crimes for the better part of the past year.'

Direction of resistance: Annis notes 'To be fair to the Star, it is not alone in covering up the role of the extreme right in Ukraine and otherwise disseminating confusion and disarray. The Globe and Mail editors are just about as bellicose (stopping short of calling for arms shipments to Kyiv in their Feb. 13 editorial). And last December, the Globe and Mail's European correspondent, Mark MacKinnon, wrote a substantial article summing up the situation in Ukraine. He expressed befuddlement over Ukraine's painful experience during World War Two, specifically the collaboration of large numbers of right-wing Ukrainians with Nazi Germany. I wrote a rejoinder to his article at the time. MacKinnon described the deeply divisive historical debate in Ukraine over the war as 'an angry argument about whose grandfathers were on the right side of the Second World War, when Hitler fought Stalin in Ukraine'. Aha, it seems that in light of more recent events, World War Two was not a war against fascism after all, as I was taught in my school years in Canada and as my family members who served in the war believed. It was a war where, in Ukraine at least, 'Hitler fought against Stalin'. And Germany did not invade the Soviet Union and kill upwards of 20 million people; no, 'Hitler fought Stalin'.'

Removal of resistance: The people need to show more maturity than the corporate-controlled 'leaders' and their minions.

Unification: It's time to overthrow the corporate hijackers who hold our states to ransom all over the world. Concentrated private power has cast a shadow over humanity since time immemorial in one form or other. As a species we need to evolve past it - it is a huge hindrance to a much more amazing and evolved human society's forming.


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Point 897: Violence begets violence and 'justifications' are a foolish self-deceit.

Thrust: Richard Wood writes 'The Western world and many Muslim states and analysts have been bristling with indignation for months now over the military threat and brazen display of executions by militants variously called the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, or Da'ISH). The US has marshaled this outrage into an ambitious new military campaign in Iraq and Syria, despite its disastrous mistakes in the region that have so diminished US and European influence. Western states and diplomats were famously far more sympathetic to the project for a Jewish state long before the Holocaust, and have been deeply aligned with it ever since, despite it's distinctly violent origins. Zionist militants targeted the personnel of the British Mandate (once they began to limit Jewish immigration) and especially Palestinians, and implemented blatantly discriminatory policies against both Christians and Muslims'.

Direction of resistance: Wood points out 'IS emerged in the maelstrom of resistance to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003-2005, but despite that toxic legacy, Obama (and Hollande, Cameron, Australia's Tony Abbot, et al) and his generals have embarked on yet another wave of attacks that this time includes Syria, the first Western intervention there since the French were forced to evacuate in 1947. Suddenly, the US invasion and destruction of Iraq in 2003 can be implicitly justified and simultaneously occluded by the peril of Islamic extremism'.

Removal of resistance: Wood also points out 'If one argued that the deaths of 6 million Jews at the hands of a European fascist state could justify driving Palestinians from their lands, then doesn't it also follow, that Palestinians and Iraqis could reasonably justify the formation of Islamic states, even if this entailed considerable violence? Iraq was invaded and a British colonial regime was implanted there for almost half a century (1920-1958). When Iraqi Prime Minister Rashid 'Ali al Gaylani tried to lead his military officers to mount a nationalist military coup and expel the British in 1941, he was crushed and the British puppet, Hashemite regent 'Abd al 'Ilah and the more independent opportunist, Nuri al Sa'id, were reinstated. After the Gulf War, the US imposed sanctions that destroyed over 1 million lives (1991-2003) and the American invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 led to the deaths of between 100,000 and 1 million people, while US forces remained in the country. The resumption of war between Iraq's Shi'i dominated state and Sunni militants and their communities, since Dec., 2013, a direct result of the war and occupation, have brought even more calamity (according to UNHCR estimates, more than 11,000 dead and 1.9 million more internally displaced people). If the violence used to establish the respective states becomes the criteria for evaluation, then the violence by Zionists was unquestionably more extreme than that by ISIS (or far more than by HAMAS and the PLO), however difficult that is for Westerners to face. Furthermore, as Saudi King 'Abd al 'Aziz ibn Sa'ud often remarked, Germany was the cause of the Holocaust, not Palestinians. Why was a Jewish state not created in Germany?'

Unification: Everything the US was told about why their invasion of Iraq was illegal has been proved in triplicate. And yet the corporate establishment continues to repeat the same actions and create more and more widespread sporadic violence worldwide and now, increasingly, threats of 'small nuclear wars' - and an end, therefore, to anything remotely comparable to genuinely clean living on planet earth for us all.


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Point 896: Americans need a new world war.

Thrust: Mike Whitney writes 'Europe's security requirements cannot be met by a belligerent, warmongering US-controlled entity that acts solely in Washington's interests. At present, NATO gets 75% of its funding from the US, which is why the alliance is less interested in peacemaking and security than it is in internationalizing its imperial war of aggression across the planet. Prior to the crisis in Ukraine, European leaders didn't see the danger of this idiotic arrangement (even though interventions in Serbia, Libya and Afghanistan should have brought them to their senses) But now that NATO's recklessness could vaporize Europe in a nuclear firestorm, leaders like Merkel and Hollande are starting to change their tune. Keep in mind, the ideal scenario for the US would be a limited war that levels large parts of the European and Asian continents, thus restoring the US to its post WW2 heyday when the 'rubblized' world was Washington's oyster. That would be just fine for genocidal maniacs and armchair warriors who rule the globe from the safety of their well-stocked DC bunkers. But for Europe, this is definitely not a winning strategy. Europe doesn't want a war, and it certainly doesn't want to be used as cannon fodder for the greater glory of the dystopian NWO.'

Direction of resistance: Whitney quotes Sergei Glazyev, who points out that the U.S. needs a world war in order to save itself from becoming obsolete.

Removal of resistance: Whitney explains 'The fabrications of NATO's top commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, have driven a wedge between Germany and the United States that could lead to a collapse of the Atlantic Alliance.'

Unification: How strange that roles are reversed. Germany is the morally less bankrupt power, trying to rein in the neo nazi American reich.


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Point 895: Racial and class profiling.

Thrust: Chris Nineham and Ady Cousins write 'In Britain stop and searches under anti terrorism legislation leapt more than twenty times from a total of 10,200 in 2001/2 to 210,000 in 2008/9. This harassment did not produce a single conviction in eight years.'

Direction of resistance: That's what it is - massive harassment.

Removal of resistance: And the harassment comes in many other forms too.

Unification: Being judged by your name, skin colour, etc etc - is all a particularly trying experience and this white supremacist nation puts many many non white people through it all the time.

Even Doreen Lawrence has, since becoming a member of the House of Lords, complained in the media that she herself continues to be racially profiled in department stores etc.


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Point 894: Western oligarchs and their trophy wives vs 'scroungers' with the temerity to exist.

Thrust: Jennifer Matsui writes 'Now-failed states like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya are the blueprint for a world order modeled on the principles of a slash-and-burn corporate structure that seeks to eliminate 'non-performers' from its vast portfolio. Surplus labor worldwide has been given the pink slip in the form of an order of execution, and condemned to live out its numbered days warehoused in squalor. Israel's once refined methods of incremental genocide has now evolved into a more efficient method of mass extermination for its one-time cheap labor force, now permanently confined in the world's largest prison on land coveted for an emerging class of settler-property developers. Whether these 'non-performers' reside in the Gaza strip, housed in some US immigration detention center, or 'loitering' on some pre-gentrified patch of concrete, the memo from HQ is explicit in its downsizing imperatives worldwide.'

Direction of resistance: Matsui adds 'David Cameron's UK, serves as an example of a well-performing neoliberal/feudal franchise state, where the poor are forced out of public housing estates to make room for more unoccupied oligarch-owned townhouses, and re-branded as 'scroungers' for having the temerity to exist. Much of the British media is devoted to chronicling the bad behavior of its obese, lager-swilling underclass in a concerted attempt to demonize the poor as they are being stricken off the nation's financial portfolio, while the US prefers a more aspirational model of propaganda a la the Kardashians and the Bravo Housewives. Local insurgencies can be temporarily quelled by a never-ending parade of heiresses enjoying the fruits of their 'hard work' designing swimwear, or TED's nerdy trust funders who are lionized in the media as 'outliers'. Never mind that they are already beneficiaries from birth and blood ties to a system that already favors their race and class. Yesterday's 'temporarily embarrassed millionaires' are today's start-up billionaires and trophy wives in-waiting'.

Removal of resistance: Since then, of course, those of us with temerity have pushed the Corbyn campaign and created a rising and strong opposition to the idiots like Cameron.

Unification: Meanwhile corporate whores who back genocide, eg Emily Thornberry, are still working hard to try and make Corbyn just a blip in British history, they want to preserve the status quo of racism, genocide, corporate tyranny, etc - and they have no desire to allow Corbyn or his massive movement of supporters to get in their way. Fuck democracy, Thornberry says, clearly, through her actions. It's all about personal power for herself. What a selfish sick corporatist tyrant. She has the audacity to kid herself she is a "public servant". She serves herself and money.


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Point 893: No security for the ruled.

Thrust: Bill Blunden writes 'A gang of cyber thieves known as the Carbanak Ring recently made off with hundreds of millions of dollars in an online bank robbery that spanned the globe. They launched their caper with a salvo of malicious e-mails. The very fact that such a simple approach was effective demonstrates how cyber intrusions are enabled by a hi-tech sector which offloads the cost of its sloppy engineering onto the public. Never mind the industry-wide campaign of subversion conducted by government spies. Poor cyber security doesn't just appear out of thin air. No sir, it's baked in.'

Direction of resistance: This is the general backdrop which has led me to make Open Hobo software transparent and open and lacking any sort of security.

Removal of resistance: So if you use it, you have to just add that yourself.

Unification: Best way, surely? Plus it makes it easy for people to know they can trust it.


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Point 892: A Zero Hedge writer has their first brush with the Guardian's corporate and bigoted nature.

Thrust: Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, writes on 'First, there is no war with Russia, only with Ukrainian citizens.

And if it's less than 10% of the territory, that's only because the rebels have no claim on anything but their own land. They don't want Kiev, they just want Kiev to leave them alone and stop killing their women and children. But if it won't, the rebels will take more territory, just so Kiev can't use it to attack them anymore'.

Direction of resistance: Meijer slates Bloomberg and the Guardian for absurd portrayals of reality.

Removal of resistance: The Guardian's portrayal of Victoria Nuland, we are told, is very distorted: 'What is not is the two portraits of US girl power in Ukraine from the Guardian and Bloomberg that appeared over the past two days. That's not innocent, that's vile and bastardly lies. Victoria Nuland and Natalie Jaresko should not be praised by the western media, they should be taken apart bone by bone, because the roles they play are far too shady to stand up to our alleged democratic principles.

Bloomberg is, well, Bloomberg, but why the Guardian gets involved in this sort of apologetic feel-good 'reporting' is beyond me. Other than: how much does it pay?! I mean, who needs a brain when you have a keyboard? Nuland and her hubby Robert Kagan - and don't you even try and make me picture them in bed together plotting fresh invasions - are the flashing neon signs for everything neocon in America today.

She has - more or less voluntarily - admitted to staging the year-old Kiev coup and installing US puppet Yatsenyuk as Ukraine PM, as well as pushing $5 billion in US taxpayer funds to various Ukraine 'charities' to make it happen.

And then the Guardian has the gall to present her as your average American girl next door?'

Unification: Meijer explains 'The country's bankrupt. So much so that no amount of IMF funding can change that. Besides, a substantial amount of whatever funding will be made available, will need to go to what is still called an army, lest Kiev loses out completely against the rebels it has tried to annihilate for a year now.'


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Point 891: The end of the corporate state.

Thrust: Thomas L. Knapp writes 'NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden continues to loom large in the world's daily news. Revelations from the trove of data he disclosed to journalists roll out on a near- weekly basis, followed by denials and excuses from politicians and bureaucrats he exposes as responsible for rights violations around the world.'

Direction of resistance: Knapp explains 'The politicians aren't afraid of bad actors getting in. They're afraid of us getting out. Worse, they're afraid that while we're out, we'll realize we never needed them. They fear that the final shred of the emperor's clothes - the notion that the state is a 'necessary evil' - will fall away, revealing them to us in all their nakedness as the unnecessary evil they've always been. And that fear is fully justified.'

Removal of resistance: What we have here is the outcome of a corporate run state.

Unification: What we need to do is empower the state to dismantle corporate power - it is corporate power, not state power, which is driving militarism.


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Point 890: Giving money to banks because they claim some of it will actually be used to profit everyone else.

Thrust: 'Tyler Durden' writes at 'The evidence is pretty compelling. The Greenspan-Bernanke-Yellen Fed has almost certainly been pumping torrents of liquidity since the latter part of the last millennium to promote the expansion of business on Wall Street, not Main Street. But, even if Fed has had the interests of Main Street in mind when inflating bubbles (I don't know how they possibly could given charts like those), the fact of the matter is, Greenspan started the destructive Keynesian tradition of pumping liquidity to stimulate the economy, and this tradition has created significant economic pain for Main Street in the form of long-term unemployment and underemployment, reduced wages, foreclosures, bankruptcies, reduced savings rates, shuttered businesses, and drained savings and retirement accounts. So, 'Mr. Bubble' inferring that the Fed creates unsustainable bubbles for the benefit of Main Street is pretty insulting.'

Direction of resistance: In the past I wrote Under Greenspan, 'liar/ninja loans' were visible but not policed. (an arbitrary example of mainstream - and misguided - public opinion, masquerading as something other than that) gets down on its knees and prays to Alan Greenspan.

Dean Baker writes in Counterpunch: 'Alan Greenspan will go down in history as the person most responsible for the enormous economic damage caused by the housing bubble and the subsequent collapse of the market. The United States is still down almost 9m jobs from its trend path.'

Baker knocks down Greenspan's pathetic excuse for why he failed so badly in this fashion:

'Greenspan's 'I didn't know' excuse is so absurd as to be painful. The explosion of exotic mortgages in the bubble years was hardly a secret. It was frequently talked about in the media and showed up in a wide variety of data sources, including those produced by the Fed. In fact, there were widespread jokes at the time about 'liar loans' or 'Ninja loans'. The latter being an acronym for the phrase, 'no income, no job, no assets'.

The fact that banks were issuing fraudulent mortgages by the millions, and that the Wall Street crew was securitizing them as fast as they could get them, was not top secret information available only to those with special security clearance. This was the economy in the years 2002-2006.'

A grovelling economically-illiterate writer in refers to Greenspan as 'The Maestro of the Free Market'.

Removal of resistance: Imagine, a bunch of (pretty much) men (pretty much) 'white' men, loses all our money.

Unification: And the fools at standpoint call the most guilty among them 'the maestro of the free market'. Well, I guess the word 'maestro' says it all. Domination, not freedom. 'maestro' and 'free' really do not mix. You can call a lie a standpoint, but it's still a lie.


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Point 889: Under Greenspan, 'liar/ninja loans' were visible but not policed.

Thrust: (an arbitrary example of mainstream - and misguided - public opinion, masquerading as something other than that) gets down on its knees and prays to Alan Greenspan.

Direction of resistance: Dean Baker writes in Counterpunch: "Alan Greenspan will go down in history as the person most responsible for the enormous economic damage caused by the housing bubble and the subsequent collapse of the market. The United States is still down almost 9m jobs from its trend path."

Removal of resistance: Baker knocks down Greenspan's pathetic excuse for why he failed so badly in this fashion:

"Greenspan's 'I didn't know' excuse is so absurd as to be painful. The explosion of exotic mortgages in the bubble years was hardly a secret. It was frequently talked about in the media and showed up in a wide variety of data sources, including those produced by the Fed. In fact, there were widespread jokes at the time about 'liar loans' or 'Ninja loans'. The latter being an acronym for the phrase, 'no income, no job, no assets'.

The fact that banks were issuing fraudulent mortgages by the millions, and that the Wall Street crew was securitizing them as fast as they could get them, was not top secret information available only to those with special security clearance. This was the economy in the years 2002-2006."

Unification: A grovelling economically-illiterate writer in refers to Greenspan as "The Maestro of the Free Market".


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Point 888: The colour of your husband.

Thrust: Russell Brand speaks to Britain and the USA and its men and women of all their 'colours'.

Direction of resistance: Who can change things? Brand asks.

Removal of resistance: Where does the power to change things reside?

Unification: Brand considers the 'routine practises of racial bias' at the Ferguson police force.


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Point 887: 10,000 dollars of Pink Balloons for Afghanistan. Yay! Let's all drink our booze and eat our processed meat product and pudding and enjoy the war-free country we hide inside now that we feel so good about ourselves.

Thrust: Ruth Fowler writes 'The balloons project was founded by self-promoting New York based artist Yazmany Arboleda. It's not the first time this unimaginative muppet has decided to call releasing balloons into the air 'art' - he's done the same thing in three major cities: Bangalore, Yamaguchi and Nairobi. It's part of an ongoing project called 'We Believe in Balloons'. Arboleda optimistically calls the Afghan project 'different' because it's 'crowd funded' - meaning he managed to get 10,000 idiots to fork out a dollar for a balloon in lieu of giving a dollar to any meaningful Aid project. Let's be honest - it's pretty easy to get folks to give money to a cause when you put 'Haiti' and 'Afghanistan' in the title. Having raised funds for various projects in the past I'm always a little horrified by the ease of well meaning folks pressing 'send' to give you dollars they hope you can choose how to spend more effectively than them, with absolutely no way of later tracking that money and ensuring any kind of accountability. And that's what raising money is all about, really. Convincing people with liberal guilt to part with their money as a way of feeling better about themselves. 'To have people donate was to have people sign up to learn about a world they know very little about,' Arboleda explains in a mystifying sentence which fails to express how, exactly, asking people for money for balloons has managed to provide any effective education about the problems in Afghanistan without trivializing them.'

Direction of resistance: Fowler points out in her inimitably ascerbic style, 'And all the while, we'll be told that the Afghans smiled when they saw $10,000 worth of pink balloons, that criticism of the project came only from The Taliban, and we'll never be told the truth: that no one asked the Afghans if they wanted them, no one asked them if they'd prefer something else, no one offered them anything better, no one really gives a fuck about what they think. Because someone in the West said they need it, and that's good enough for us, and it's good enough for them.'

Removal of resistance: She boils it down to this definition: 'yet another example of western neoliberal bullshit'.

Unification: Alas. And the people making these decisions often sincerely believe themselves to be really shrewd, sharp, skilled, amazing, 'awesome' - they think others should be like them. Although their thinking is blurry. If everyone really was a moronic slack fuckhead, even the average moronic slack fuckhead would start to see the balance problem there.


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Point 886: Netanyahu is more and more like Hitler the more he 'finds his feet' as a genocidal dictator.

Thrust: Dave Lindorff writes 'And don't forget that Israel has some 200 nuclear weapons itself - a point that Netanyahu carefully failed to mention, and that the sycophantic US corporate media obligingly also ignored, though clearly the easiest way to get Iran to shut down its nuclear fuel enrichment program would be for Israel and Iran to sign onto a program making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone - and for Israel to stop calling for a war on Iran.

Comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis are not to be made lightly of course, but when we see a whole legislative chamber filled with ignorant, hooting political yahoos calling for a rejection of negotiations with Iran and for a commitment to bomb that country if its leaders don't simply cave in and unilaterally dismantle their nuclear enrichment program, it's time to admit that we are witnessing the ugly reality of fascism. Either that or real-life version of 'Planet of the Apes,' that Pierre Boulle short story in which the ape legislature features hooting representatives swinging from the chandeliers. The only odd thing about the Netanyahu speech as a farcical replay of Hitler's address to the Reichstag is that this time the speaker being cheered isn't this country's Supreme Leader. It's the leader of a tiny country half a world away.'

Direction of resistance: Many many members of present young generations of 'American' and 'English' people will obviously be too ashamed to allow any continuation of the absurd race project and general idiotic 'thing' their ancestors have been doing - they will be pluralistic, they will be intelligent, they will be anti-consumer, they will be environmentally sound.

Removal of resistance: The tide is turning.

Unification: Future generations seem more and more likely to overthrow the sinister empire of white supremacist shite which pretty much all the genuinely shit-hole countries (the 'anglosphere') are currently overrun by.


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Point 885: Love vs environmental meltdown.

Thrust: Robert Hunziker writes 'Furthermore, only recently, scientists from Rutgers University changed the course of scientific thought. Previously, scientists thought that 55 million years ago global temperatures took 10,000 years to increase by 5C. Now, a seminal sediment study by Rutgers University scientists has proven it only took 13 years for global temperatures to increase by 5C (Morgan Schaller and James Wright, New Finding Shows Climate Change Can Happen in a Geological Instant, Research News at Rutgers, October 6, 2013.)'.

Direction of resistance: Hunziker feels that we are a single digit number of years away from a major event which will alter our environment.

Removal of resistance: Earth's climate, science appears to tell us clearly, is not stable.

Unification: We have to take a good look at our lifestyles and adjust them quickly, we have to unite with a view to surviving the longterm, we have to care about each other - and that is the only way to truly care about ourselves. To care about yourself 'over others' is to care about desire and narcissism's rule over you, to care not about yourself but about your joy - it is destructive. Love has many forms but they all involve someone outside you or something outside you.


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Point 884: What would a police dog tell you about Ferguson?

Thrust: Francis Shor writes 'The following transcript was among suppressed Department of Justice documents regarded as too volatile to release in the aftermath of the DOJ's report on Ferguson policing practices. Not wanting to reveal the newest interrogation techniques developed and employed by the national security state, or to incur the wrath of dog-lovers, the DOJ labeled the interrogation of Ferguson police dogs 'Top Secret.' Fortunately, a DOJ whistle blower, whose whistle, however, may have caused some damage to the howling pack of interviewed Ferguson police dogs, released the excerpt below. A single explanatory note identified the name of the dog interrogator, listed below as DD as a Dr. Doolittle, a reputed psychic interlocutor of canine cognition'.

Direction of resistance: Shor humorously narrates this interview to us.

Removal of resistance: Here is one noteworthy quote from the dog 'DD: But surely you must have some regrets that you may have harmed an innocent person.

Bull: I was taught that if you are black, you are not innocent. And, if you are brown, you are an illegal. So, no regrets except that I'm sorry that Darren Wilson had to resign after that little incident. He was so good at getting me riled up at black folks'.

Unification: The whole interview is well worth reading.


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Point 883: Round and round the garden.

Thrust: 'Tyler Durden' at Zero Hedge writes 'We would be less politically correct: when the same management teams that sell record amounts of their own company stock to the companies they control - companies which are now buying back record amounts of stock, this is not only the worst possible conflict of interest, it means, for lack of a better word, that the Nasdaq, bubble or not, has become the biggest circle jerk in history!

A circle-jerk which will continue until the Nasdaq itself, with its trademark zero cashflows, ends up as loaded up with debt as any mature, late cycle company. Because by now it is clear to everyone that if and when rates do rise, and all that all time high corporate, financial, household and sovereign debt has to be services, nobody is getting out alive.'

Direction of resistance: Naturally, whilst the banksters think that they can keep going round and round until they come up with 'a better idea', magically (somewhat dubious ambition), the truth is they're picking up pace as they spin and it just takes one bit of bad luck and they'll break loose from the circle and be sent flying into bankruptcy.

Removal of resistance: Whoever owns the British Isles and United States in future is bound to do a better job of running it, though.

Unification: A people-powered State is the answer - the only way to end corporate tyranny. We need people like Chomsky and Corbyn in charge of our countries, making honourable, competent decisions on behalf of the majority.


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Point 882: Shanghai Cooperation Organization won't allow posh English and American elitists to hoard everyone else's stuff forever.

Thrust: Xinhuanet writes 'Russia, India and China attached special importance to their cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), regarding it as one of the key instruments in promoting multilateral political, security, economic and humanitarian interaction in the region. China and India shared the plans of Russia's Chairmanship in the SCO in 2014-2015 and would support and participate comprehensively in preparing the SCO Summit Meeting in Ufa in July 2015. China and Russia welcomed India's application for full membership of SCO and supported India to join the SCO after completing all necessary negotiations and legal processes.'

Direction of resistance: The SCO is something few Guardian and Telegraph readers know about.

Removal of resistance: Informed though they think they are.

Unification: The price you pay for being lazy minded, I suppose.


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Point 881: ISIS sees US government the same way US government sees Al Qa'eda.

Thrust: Chad Nelson writes 'Yes, bin Laden does attribute some responsibility to American taxpayers for making 'their' government's actions possible. This should not come as a shocking revelation. In any government war, the enemy's source of funding is a primary target. For this very reason, the US government has made it a crime to provide financial support to those it deems terrorists. So it should come as no surprise that al Qaeda or IS would play by the same rules of war, declaring the US government's piggy bank fair game. Disturbing, yes. Surprising, no.'

Direction of resistance: There are of course those, like Nelson, myself, and hopefully YOU - who believe that neither side is correct, that anyone who chooses to use violence to 'bring peace' or 'fight war' - is deluded.

Removal of resistance: There are many reasons behind delusion.

Unification: So don't be confused by the fact that they obviously seem to come from different angles and perspectives. The principles which unite them are clear - violence and control. They do not trust in intelligence, self-criticism and self-development. They do not trust in humanity's better nature.


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Point 880: Fox 'hunting' is not 'hunting' at all, it is not the right word and therein lies the debate.

Thrust: Fox 'hunting' is more like a large 'caravan' (not in the modern big van sense, but like in the 'Arabian' deserts - lots and lots of people in variously sized vehicles, trooping along together) including even very young children, along with a large number of dogs.

Direction of resistance: A fox is hunted down by these dogs, the caravan marching around, playing brass instruments and doing other things to set the stage on which the dogs can scare the utter crap out of the fox before ripping it to shreds.

Removal of resistance: They all wear funny clothes when doing this - traditional clothes which 'have always been worn' when doing this.

Unification: This is not 'hunting' in any recognisable sense of the word in today's English.

Nor is it reasonable behaviour.

Nor is it not behaviour wholly cruel to foxes.


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Point 879: Repealing the 'ban' on fox hunting? Do we really need a law telling people not to be completely fucking stupid, warped, and sick?

Thrust: I suppose if they're going to do it without a law in place, we need one.

Direction of resistance: Tom Bawden writes at the Independent 'A pro-hunting group fronted by Otis Ferry is offering to supply canvassers to help Conservative candidates win parliamentary seats if they quietly agree to support repealing the fox-hunting ban.

The push by Vote-OK, a lobby group set up to overturn the fox-hunting ban, comes after David Cameron promised last week to hold a parliamentary vote on repealing it if the Tories win the election.'

Removal of resistance: What is needed is genuinely intelligent and rational conservatives to distance themselves from the rest, to be open to coalition with anyone else with the same integrity and intelligence or to oversee the total dismantling of their own party and rebuilding thereof using only rational constituent parts.

Unification: Nonetheless, it is disturbing that any life (including that of a fox) should need protecting from sheer stupidity and insane behaviour of human beings - by means of a law. I mean do people really have to be that backward?


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Point 878: With special guest star Sheryl Crow as herself.

Thrust: A star studded cast in this Sheryl Crow video.

Direction of resistance: Even Andy Dick is in there.

Removal of resistance: Yes, you heard right.

Unification: Andy Dick.


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Point 877: By ensuring independence from the white supremacists, Angola was able to preserve its own revolution.

Thrust: Matt Peppe writes 'Though South Africa had lost the battle, it by no means had surrendered the war. The apartheid regime still had designs on toppling the Angolan revolution and using it for its own ends. 'It would be the centerpiece of the Constellation of Southern African States that they sought to create,' writes Gleijeses. 'The concept had first emerged under Prime Minister Vorster, but it was PW Botha who had given it 'a substance previously lacking.' The constellation, the generals hoped, would stretch beyond South Africa, its Bantustans, Lesotho, Malawi, Botswana, and Swaziland, to embrace Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zaire, and a nominally independent Namibia. The black members of the constellation would be anticommunist, tolerant of apartheid, and eager to persecute the ANC (the African National Congress in South Africa) and SWAPO (the South West Africa People's Organization in Namibia).' [6]

Cuba was aware of this. 'In Southern Africa Angola today, more so than a year ago, is the bastion of the fight against the racists and the unquestionable revolutionary vanguard. Imperialism knows this,' wrote Jorge Risquet, head of the Cuban Civilian Mission in Angola to President Neto. 'Imperialism has to know what Angola does for Zimbabwe, what Angola does for Namibia, what Angola does for South Africa. Angola, bravely, lends real support to the movements of Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa. In concrete terms, nothing less than training in its territory 20,000 combatants from those three countries oppressed by the racists.' [7]

With the omnipresent threat against Angola, Cuba maintained a large contingent of around 30,000 troops at the behest of the MPLA to prevent another invasion. In a letter to the political bureau of the MPLA after Neto's death, Fidel wrote of the sacrifice Cuba was willing to make.'.

Direction of resistance: Peppe points out 'Since the success of the Cuban revolution of 1959, American policy has always been reflexive opposition to anything Cuba did. Shortly after Mandela's funeral, Gleijeses wrote an open letter to President Obama that described the actual course of events in Africa during the Cold War: 'While Cubans were fighting for the liberation of the people of South Africa, successive American governments did everything they could to stop them.''

Removal of resistance: It is high time Britain pay its dues to the world and either force the US to do so or pay their dues too or stop being their guarantor!

Unification: Matt Peppe writes about politics, U.S. foreign policy and Latin America on his blog.


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Point 876: How to find out right now if you are a racist slug! Go on. Try the test. Norman Tebbit, how about you? I like New York in June, me. But I won't go there.

Thrust: Adam Bledsoe writes 'I go to work every day at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in a building named after the founder of the North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, William Saunders. Every day I am reminded that the university at which I have spent the past five years at one time deemed it acceptable and desirable to commemorate the legacy of Saunders and the Klan as a white supremacist establishment. The building was inaugurated in 1922, thirty-one years after Saunders death, supposedly to acknowledge the contributions that he made to compiling historical records from North Carolina's colonial days. However, the 1920s is well-documented as a decade in which the Ku Klux Klan made a strong resurgence in the U.S., with over four million officially enlisted members. Commemorating the legacy of the founder of the KKK in North Carolina hardly seems a coincidence, given the specific historical moment. Rather, it would appear that University leaders saw the Klan as a positive force, not only during Saunders' time, but at the moment the building was constructed, as well.'

Direction of resistance: If you are a victim of propaganda, you may not even know that Chapel Hill is where an atheist terrorist gunned down three muslim students not long ago. Since then in Dallas another muslim was gunned down in a similar way whilst admiring snowfall for the first time.

Removal of resistance: That these news stories may not have reached you should, when you look them up, teach you what a racist slug you have been.

Unification: Adam Bledsoe is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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Point 875: Nuclear energy will be outlawed.

Thrust: Miriam German writes 'It's March 3rd, 2015, just eight days away from the fourth anniversary of the triple meltdown and explosion at Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. As I write this, I'm seated on a plane heading back to the East coast to see family far from my home in Cascadia, otherwise known as the Pacific Northwest.

Next to me is my current reading, A Field Guide to Radiation by Wayne Biddle. Why this book? Because I've already read the books about the creation of nuclear power, nuclear bombs, the making of the nuclear power plant in the NW that caused the largest bond default in the history of the United States, books about the effects of radiation on citizens written by individuals who grew up near nuke plants and books by both scientists and doctors on the effects of radiation from Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima-Daiichi. So why read one more? Because I want to know more. Because I need to know more. Because I have to know more about what has happened to me, my family, friends, animals and plants along the West Coast as the effects of Fukushima-Daiichi's fallout hit us just days after 3.11 occurred and continues to do so intermittently at any time on any given day as things continue to steam up in Japan. I have to know more because I live downstream from the Hanford Nuclear Dump, the largest nuclear dump in the northern hemisphere, and because I live downstream from a nuclear power plant called the Columbia Generating Station which if an earthquake occurs or a dam breaks or the grid goes down for any reason at all, or a worker makes a mistake I would be killed along with most in N. America. Killed by radiation.

The event on 3.11 at Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was not an accident. It was caused by an idea. And that idea was fueled by hubris, that we could create a weapon so powerful through the creation of nuclear fission, that we could destroy our greatest enemy. The missing link was simple; it was a mirror hidden behind the cloak of hubris, greed and the minds of the greatest psychopaths in scientific and engineering history. The enemy was Us, all along.'

Direction of resistance: There is no reason at all to take the absurd risks we do.

Removal of resistance: Alternative energy, above all solar, will lead us to a great future with unlimited energy.

Unification: We should try and make it happen sooner, rather than later. Governments should take responsibility for dismantling the nuclear industry safely. It is up to the people to impress this need upon governments.


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Point 874: Poverty is not an aphrodisiac.

Thrust: Chris Hedges writes 'VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Prostitution is the quintessential expression of global capitalism. Our corporate masters are pimps. We are all being debased and degraded, rendered impoverished and powerless, to service the cruel and lascivious demands of the corporate elite. And when they tire of us, or when we are no longer of use, we are discarded as human refuse. If we accept prostitution as legal, as Germany has done, as permissible in a civil society, we will take one more collective step toward the global plantation being built by the powerful. The fight against prostitution is the fight against a dehumanizing neoliberalism that begins, but will not end, with the subjugation of impoverished girls and women.'

Direction of resistance: Even that one seemingly innocuous porn picture, of that young woman in that pose which turns you on - even that freebie, that preview image of porn you won't even buy, even that image - is an image of a real person, who doesn't really want to have sex with the hundreds of millions of 'viewers' who are her 'audience' - she is putting on a performance, because she needs to pay phone bills, for energy, food, she has no future and your lust is her last resort.

Removal of resistance: Meanwhile the consumer feminists go around with a very different attitude - Femen's antics are a good example of the ignorance which consumer feminism boils down to.

Unification: There is no way to separate consumer feminism in the west from the underlying white supremacist status quo - which is why you end up with idiots like Hadley Freeman going to Harvey Weinstein's parties one week and then another week claiming that all men should stay at home, based on the behaviour of her own associates (rather than on the behaviour of billions of men worldwide).

It's why you have so many fucking morons paid to write at the Guardian (Rowena Mason, I don't believe the world really agrees that computers need to be banned - I think you and the Guardian are alone in taking this line, for whatever reasons you take it).

It's why Pilger wrote History was declared over, class was abolished and gender promoted as feminism; lots of women became New Labour MPs. They voted on the first day of Parliament to cut the benefits of single parents, mostly women, as instructed. A majority voted for an invasion that produced 700,000 Iraqi widows.

The Guardian's consumer feminists and their Blairite allies basically harm the lives of a lot of women, they aren't actually feminists and they serve nothing, really, but the corporatist tyranny and its patriarchal roots.


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Point 873: Feminism vs Feminism.

Thrust: Chris Hedges quotes Lee Lakeman, a radical feminist, as follows: ''For women of color, prostitution is an extension of imperialism,' Lee said. 'It is sexualized racism. Prostitution is built on the social power disparities of race and color. Women of color are disproportionately exploited through prostitution. This racism is not acknowledged by those in First World countries, including the left. Sexualized racism renders us invisible and irrelevant. It makes it impossible for us to be considered human.''

Direction of resistance: I am very interested to know more about allegations I saw floating around on Facebook years ago, about US soldiers raping Iraqi women. The ICC appears to be investigating allegations that British soldiers have committed rape also. Clearly there are many allegations. This should be the number one priority of British reporting, above all in the Guardian, so sanctimonious about page three and yet these girls, fifteen year olds included, in a country the Guardian has sanctioned the military invasion of, these fifteen year old girls, allegedly raped by the soldiers the Guardian backs, and they don't even offer any of their power to protect such girls, to look at this problem and tell us what the facts are, what the allegations are, where the court cases may go, what's holding up justice, whether the rapes are still occurring. How this contributes to internal sexism and rape levels. And all the other relevant questions.

Removal of resistance: Nonetheless, that is just one part of this very vast problem of imperialist sexist racist subjugation. Indeed, merely of subjugation, since it is only subjugation which is wrong - whom you subjugate is only a question if you're doing it in the first place.

Unification: Germaine Greer, I read in the Independent, stated recently in the Guardian that she is sick of body-image gender-stereotype 'equality-seeking' feminists and mentioned something more like the words of Emmeline Pankhurst, about 'liberation'. The global Auschwitz for women must be dismantled. However it occurs, the corrupted and failed feminists are the FIRST who need to change, otherwise who else will?


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Point 872: Those who love vs those who hate.

Thrust: Cesar Chelala writes 'Gabriel, who lives in Israel, told the audience how, during the last Israeli offensive on Gaza he joined with several Arab friends and, in the middle of the conflict surrounding them -like staying in the eye of a storm, he said- lived for several days in total community of working and praying for peace. Their action was part of a growing movement called We refuse to be enemies.'

Direction of resistance: This is how decent people behave.

Removal of resistance: Be decent.

Unification: Behave decently.


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Point 871: US and its allies arm the fuck out of dangerous nut jobs despite warnings from the victims of the nut jobs. Time and again.

Thrust: Ajamu Baraka writes 'Seemingly out of nowhere, Boko Haram burst into the awareness of people around the world as a shadowy group of Islamists with the ability to carry out audacious attacks that paralyzed the army of the most populous country in Africa. People now want to know the group's origins, where they came from, why they are kidnapping girls and how they became such a powerful threat. All important questions - but questions that cannot be answered by just looking at the internal politics of Nigeria, as important as those are, because Boko Haram is incomprehensible decontextualized from the destabilization, death and destruction unleashed across Africa from the Sahel into West Africa as a result of one historic event - the vicious NATO obliteration of the state of Libya.

African Union Commission chief Jean Ping warned NATO, during its bombing campaign and arming of so-called rebel forces in Libya, that the weapons they provided the 'rebels' would end up in the hands of al Qaeda throughout Africa. He said, 'Africa's concern is that weapons that are delivered to one side or another ... are already in the desert and will arm terrorists and fuel trafficking.'

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo expressed what many in Africa feared from the NATO attack on Libya:

'We knew that at the end of the Libya operations, there would be fallouts. And the fallout would be where would all the weapons go? Where would be some of those who have been trained how to use weapons [and] how would they be accounted for? ...'Part of what is happening in Mali is part of the fallout from Libya, and we should not expect that Mali will be the last.''

Direction of resistance: Baraka fumes 'And I am outraged knowing that U.S. policy-makers don't give a damn about the school girls in Nigeria because their real objective is to use the threat of Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country to justify the real goal of occupying the oil fields in the South and to block the Chinese in Nigeria.'

Removal of resistance: The US must be tried at the Hague for war crimes this decade.

Unification: We must press China to bring about this action. There is no indication that even a 'multi polar' movement has the balls to indict the US and UK for centuries of grotesque inhuman behaviour, sanctioned internally by very very corrupted media-powered 'legal' environments where the law is about as much a determiner of anything as a rock in space on the opposite side of our galaxy to us.


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Point 870: US treats Merkel like a jailed convicted serial killer.

Thrust: Valerio Volpi wrote 'We need to put an end to this madness. As Sardinia governor Renato Soru has stated, Americans are our friends, but we want them here as tourists, not as soldiers. To this, I would add that it is time to claim back our sovereignty and put an end to our semi-colonial status, and take back our land, including those immense areas occupied by Italian military bases. Prodi should not turn a deaf ear to his voters' will'.

Direction of resistance: Consumerism appears to have led many European populations to stand by as the US has tyrannically overthrown their governments from underneath and attached puppet strings to them, one by one.

Removal of resistance: In Germany it is said that is why Merkel did so well.

Unification: Whether Merkel is repentant or not, Germany needs a leader who can overpower the USA - Merkel had no luck with regards even overpowering the USA's license to listen in to her personal phone calls! She is under as much suspicion by the US government as a serial killer locked up in a US prison! Always being watched.


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Point 869: Monbiot's naivety.

Thrust: Pablo Mukherjee writes 'Writing in The Guardian, U.K., on March 11, George Monbiot raises the question about the blindness of the 'liberal' interventionists who refuse to see the war against Iraq as a part of US bid for global 'Full Spectrum Dominance'. Here, I will argue that the 'liberal' interventionists are not blind, but fully conscious of US motives. Their interests are identical with that of the American Republican extreme right. Under the cloak of liberalism (or even 'radicalism' as in the case of Nick Cohen, columnist for The Observer) they seek to realise the old vision of an empire where the sun never sets. Whereas the British attempt died a lingering death over two world wars and the political independence of its colonies after 1947, the 'New American Century' with its technological and military superiority, promises the ultimate fulfilment of this dream.'

Direction of resistance: Mukherjee observes 'The liberal interventionists then, have always worked hand in glove with empire. In the 19th century, they urged for civilising missions across the globe and worked to obscure the true aims of those missions. Today, they dream on about the final solution of global conflicts, paradoxically, through military interventions led by the US. The technologies and the modus operendi of the imperium has changed, its ideological technique hasn't. It still depends on constructing a vision of a law-abiding and civilised US- European entity (although Germany and France may find themselves outside soon) and the jungle outside. It then works to achieve that vision by enforcing inequalities and violence that makes that vision a reality.

But what are the options? cry our liberal interventionists. It is all very well analysing how Al-Qaida and Saddam came to be. Now that they are here, what can one do about it except wage war? Quite apart from the fact that given the nature of the US imperium, this is a recipe for the deadly Orwellian situation of 'unending war for unending peace', it ignores the possibility of taking up genuinely courageous long term, truly international and largely peaceful measures that are already available by the dint of several Peace studies institutes and think tanks. In the case of Iraq, for instance, there are a series of measures available including ending of the sanctions, permanent inspections, inspections monitoring the 'human rights' abuses within the country, and negotiating the right of the Iraqi refugees to return. With concerted international effort, and without constant US scuppering of the plans, all these aims are eminently achievable. As Hans Blix constantly points out, the weapons inspections are working. But this doesn't suit the US administration whose aims were stated in a Project for the New American Century document in 2000-"the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein [it is necessary for] maintaining global US pre-eminence'.'.

Removal of resistance: George Monbiot is very naive.

Unification: And lately, under duress, he has become one of the stupidest asses at the Guardian - an institution which employs a wide variety of asses and fools.


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Point 868: Money rules Israel.

Thrust: Uri Avnery writes 'Who is the ruler of Israel?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, of course.


The real ruler of Israel is one Sheldon Adelson, 81, American Jew, Casino king, who was rated as the world's tenth richest person, worth 37.2 billion dollars at the latest count. But who is counting?

Besides his casinos in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Macao and Singapore, he owns the US Republican party and, lately, both Houses of the US Congress.

He also owns Binyamin Netanyahu.

Adelson's connection with Israel is personal. On a blind date, he fell in love with an Israeli woman.

Miriam Farbstein was born in Haifa, attended a prestigious high school, did her army service in the Israeli institute which deals with bacteriological warfare and is a multifaceted scientist. After one of her sons (from her first marriage) died of an overdose, she is devoted to the fight against drugs, especially cannabis.

Both Adelsons are fanatical supporters of Israel. Not just any Israel, but a rightist, supremacist, arrogant, violent, expansionist, annexationist, non-compromising, colonialist Israel'.

Direction of resistance: I seem to recall a story about Moses and a 'golden calf'.

Removal of resistance: I wonder what my shoplifting zionist friend who worships angels would say.

Unification: Then again no. I think wondering that is a bad way to spend any amount of neural activity.


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Point 867: The Great Shafting.

Thrust: Mike Whitney writes 'You can see from the chart [..] that the bottom 90 percent have gone from treading water to sinking like a stone. And, as we all know, a growing number of these same people are rapidly slipping through the cracks, loosing their spot in the middle class, and entering a terrifying new world of economic hardship and uncertainly.

This is no accident nor is it the result of free market operations that unavoidably create winners and losers. The upward distribution of wealth is the natural corollary of decades of aggressive lobbying, government infiltration, and political arm-twisting. Ruling elites are a like-minded bunch who know what they want and will stop nothing until they get it. The system has been effectively restructured to serve their needs and those of their constituents. They alone control the levers of state power as well as the marionette politicians who do their bidding.'

Direction of resistance: The lesson from the Great Depression was not learned by people but by shifters.

Removal of resistance: They learned to keep on lying after the crash, and shaft instead of losing.

Unification: This is a big lesson for the people, being learned the hard way, the hardest lessons approaching fast, behind a veil of propaganda, ready to make it hurt for most or all of us.


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Point 866: Manipulation and fear.

Thrust: Missy Beattie writes 'Dick Cheney and George Bush have no regrets about war. No regrets about torture. They defend waterboarding, mock execution, and rectal feeding. Bush referred to the men and women who conducted this savagery as 'patriots'. Commander-in-Chief Obama, with his Kill List, drones, incinerating civilians, inspiring even more hatred of the USA.'

Direction of resistance: Beattie laments 'But ISIS - I've read so much about the group, yet I have no clear understanding, except that it originated in Iraq, after WE destroyed the country. Now it's metastasizing.

If we know that torture serves as a terrorist recruitment tool, why haven't we also learned the truth of war - that an invasion, whether it's boots on the ground or missile attacks, provokes and guarantees blowback? Still, this isn't the reason to end war. War must end because it's immoral.

Meanwhile, here at home, our government and its multi-billionaire owners have fine-tuned the psychology of manipulating fear and patriotism. They require our submission.'

Removal of resistance: Rupert Murdoch said that 'the mood of the British public' was out of sync with his aims, when his post hacking-scandal failures besieged him.

Unification: His media and its allies have done a good job of resetting that mood, I'd say. Adjusting mood is their only 'skill', it appears. Until the victims decide to set their own moods, one day. Never gain readers by messing with moods, my friends. If you want to write, write. Don't manipulate.


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Point 865: Jewish stars in Nazi Germany and muslims in America.

Thrust: Franklin Lamb reports 'Last week, the University of Massachusetts said that it would simply bar all Iranian nationals from enrolling in certain graduate programs in its College of Engineering and College of National Sciences among them physics, chemistry, microbiology, polymer science, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, as well as mechanical and industrial engineering.'

Direction of resistance: Lamb goes on 'There is so much wrong and blatantly discriminatory about the U Mass policy decision that it was no surprise that just as its bizarre decision was likely to explode into a national education scandal that U Mass has just backed down. Apparently after consulting with the State Department and outside counsel, the university now says it will reverse the ban. A weak explanation from Michael Malone, vice chancellor for research and engagement at UMass Amherst who apparently sensed the odds changing for keeping U Mass disenfranchisement of qualified Iranian students from its programs was issued late last night. 'Actually, we have always believed that excluding students from admission conflicts with our institutional values and principles. It is now clear, after further consultation and deliberation, that we can adopt a less restrictive policy.''

Removal of resistance: I for one feel that U Mass can go fuck itself.

Unification: You heard me. Go fuck yourself.


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Point 864: We shoot too often, and we shoot too much when we do shoot.

Thrust: James Bovard writes 'Even when police-review boards ruled that shootings were unjustified or found contradictions in officers' testimony, police were not prosecuted. In one case an officer shot a suspect four times in the back when he was unarmed and lying on the ground. But Holder's office never bothered interviewing the shooter.'

Direction of resistance: Bovard points out 'Shortly after Holder became U.S. attorney, a local judge slammed the D.C. government for its 'deliberate indifference' to police-brutality complaints. In 1995 the Civilian Complaint Review Board, which supposedly investigated alleged police abuses, was shut down because it was overwhelmed by a backlog of accusations from aggrieved citizens. Despite the collapse of the system's safeguards, Holder's office remained asleep at the switch. Even D.C.'s assistant police chief Terrance Gainer admitted, 'We shoot too often, and we shoot too much when we do shoot.''

Removal of resistance: The pretence that this is a police force is an insult.

Unification: That is a white supremacist armed movement. A terrorist group. By any legitimate definition.


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Point 863: The 'mainstream media' and what posterity will find most disgusting about it.

Thrust: Ben Norton writes 'Three young Muslims 'executed': If they had been white Christians murdered by a Muslim, the entire US would have gone on lock-down and we would hear about the attack non-stop for the next month.'

Direction of resistance: Posterity will see this and say 'how ashamed we are'.

Removal of resistance: They will.

Unification: Wake up, Guardian, Telegraph, BBC, Fox, Sky

Your grand children will not know whether to LAUGH or CRY at how shameful you are!!


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Point 862: Britain's war crimes against Iran.

Thrust: Cesar Chelala writes 'For several decades, relations between the U.S. and Iran and between Iran and the West have been shrouded in a cloud of misconceptions and prejudices. They have done nothing to achieve a peaceful relationship with that country, and only led to a permanent state of distrust that can lead to war at any moment. Some basic facts need to be restated.

The present conflicting relations can be traced to a large extent to a fateful day, 19 August 1953, when both the United Kingdom and the U.S. orchestrated a coup that overthrew Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh. The reason: Mossadegh was trying to audit the books of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), a British corporation, to change the terms of that company's access to Iranian oil'.

Direction of resistance: On the US role in Iraqi war crimes, Chelala explains 'Pentagon officials in Baghdad planned day-by-day bombing strikes for the Iraqi Air Force. According to the U.S. former ambassador Peter W. Galbraith, Iraq used this data to target Iranian positions with chemical weapons. Despite the brutality of these attacks, Iran didn't respond in kind.'

Removal of resistance: I was working at a company in London, a conference company, proud of its defence sector involvement. When I was there Saddam was hung. A coworker who had been there a while told me that Saddam had been one of their clients. We had helped him commit those war crimes in Iran.

Unification: Today we pretend Iran is somehow a 'rogue state'. Britain is a criminal nation which needs to be in the dock.


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Point 861: If the birds and bees die out, and the educated fleas die out, we all will sooner or later.

Thrust: Steve Connor writes at the Independent 'The sharp decline in honeybees has been linked with a change in the foraging behaviour of young bees brought on by some kind of environmental stress such as parasitic attacks or pesticides, a study has found.

When honeybees are under stress they respond by sending out the youngest and most inexperienced worker bees to forage for food, and these bees are more likely to die prematurely than older workers that started to forage later in life, scientists said.'

Direction of resistance: I think I want to start assembling a list of all bodies and institutions currently fighting for a better world, for good things, for causes such as that of these bees.

Removal of resistance: Then I can consider what else needs to be created, to consolidate such things, if anything.

Unification: And then, if necessary, I can create it.


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Point 860: Richard Burton was a 'qadiri dervish'.

Thrust: Michael Dickinson writes 'In 1974, the actor Richard Burton was banned from working with the BBC for what he wrote in an article about the experience of playing Winston Churchill in the biographical film 'The Valiant Years':

'In the course of preparing myself for the role, I realized afresh that I hate Churchill and all of his kind. I hate them virulently. They have stalked down the corridors of endless power all through history... What man of sanity would say on hearing of the atrocities committed by the Japanese against British and Anzac prisoners of war, 'We shall wipe them out, everyone of them, men, women, and children. There shall not be a Japanese left on the face of the earth'? Such simple-minded cravings for revenge leave me with a horrified but reluctant awe for such single-minded and merciless ferocity.''

Direction of resistance: Dickinson informs us 'Having changed political parties four times during his career, Churchill was clandestinely known by some MPs in the House of Commons as 'the shit house' - an abbreviation of his initials WC'.

Removal of resistance: Winston Churchill was clearly a dickhead.

Unification: And it needs to be said. A lot.


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Point 859: The trial of the trial.

Thrust: Alexander Cockburn wrote 'Goodbye to the right to a speedy public trial with assistance of counsel. Welcome indefinite incarceration without charges, denial of the assistance of legal counsel and of the right to confront witnesses or even have a trial.'

Direction of resistance: Cockburn destroys our illusions by explaining 'CounterPunch's view is that taken as a whole, forensic evidence as used by prosecutors is inherently untrustworthy. For example, for years many people went to prison on the basis of the claims of a North Carolina anthropologist, Louise Robbins. She helped send people to prison or to Death Row with her self-proclaimed power to identify criminals through shoe prints. As an excellent Chicago Tribune series a decade ago on forensic humbug recalled, on occasion she even said she could use the method to determine a person's height, sex and race, just like Sherlock Holmes. Robbins died in 1987, her memory compromised by the conclusion of many Appeals Courts that her methodology was bosh. There have been similarly hollow claims for lip prints and ear prints, all of them invoked by their supporters as '100 per cent reliable' and believed by juries too easily impressed by passionate invocations to 100 per cent reliable scientific data.

Of course the apex forensic hero of prosecutors, long promoted as the bottom line in reliability-at least until the arrival of DNA matching-has been the fingerprint, whose career was once the subject of a fine, derisive piece here by your two editors.'

Removal of resistance: It seems that our democratic legal framework has been captured and is being put on trial, in a kind of feudal way.

Unification: So now we have Guantanamo Bay, we have the NSA's spying network. We have all of that because our method of law is being captured by corporations. When you see what ISDS is - well. Then you'll get it. It's pretty much over, except for the response to stimuli and the planned suppression of the global human insurrection against corporatist occupation.


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Point 858: It's a kind of magic.

Thrust: Mike Whitney writes 'Financial warfare, asymmetrical warfare, Fourth Generation warfare, space warfare, information warfare, nuclear warfare, laser, chemical, and biological warfare. The US has expanded its arsenal well beyond the traditional range of conventional weaponry. The goal, of course, is to preserve the post-1991 world order (The dissolution up of the Soviet Union) and maintain full spectrum dominance. The emergence of a multi-polar world order spearheaded by Moscow poses the greatest single threat to Washington's plans for continued domination. The first significant clash between these two competing world views will likely take place sometime this summer in East Ukraine. God help us.'

Direction of resistance: And yet, Mr Whitney, they do not, through all of this, but find themselves further away from love, the epicentre of what matters in the universe.

Removal of resistance: I daresay it's easy to be scared of what's going on, or uncomfortable.

Unification: Nonetheless, I'm ready. I don't care what they do. I'm doing all I can to help the entire human race escape the currently still inevitable suffering. But I see past the material world now. At least a little bit, anyway.


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Point 857: Challenging the doors of time.

Thrust: Robert Fantina writes 'While the United States continues to perpetrate unspeakable terrorism against various populations, killing innocent men, women and children in Yemen with drone strikes against suspected 'terrorists', attacking groups it created in Iraq and Afghanistan, and funding Israeli apartheid, its spokespeople hypocritically and selectively condemn terrorism committed by other organizations. And following the killing of several people at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris by a group proclaiming to have some roots in Islam, violence against Muslims has increased, with little criticism by the U.S.'

Direction of resistance: I did nothing bad to my friends at school. Quite the opposite. I gave them comedy, I chaired debates, I organised social events, I was the best I could be.

Removal of resistance: But on the whole quite a few of them have, since "911", treated me the way Martin Amis and Rupert Murdoch have ultimately taught them to. Indeed they have treated me the way Labour has treated Corbyn.

Unification: They do not believe in doing as you are done by - they do not believe in things like innocent until proven guilty. They bow to the rule of corporatism, money, etc etc. They are the kind of people who man the decks of the Guardian and BBC and so on - literally - and they are examples of the worst kind of moral vacuums in British history so far. Alas.


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Point 856: The Occupy movement vs police brutality.

Thrust: Ron Jacobs writes 'Then the cops got their orders. With the visible exception of one retired policeman from Philadelphia, the men in blue took out their nightsticks, tear gas and pepper spray. They then proceeded to trash the occupied spaces, brutalize the occupiers, almost kill a protesting man in Oakland, and pepper spray persons for no apparent reason other than what appeared to be the cops' collective thrill. In other words, they did their job. They showed their true colors and which class they were hired to protect. Just like always.'

Direction of resistance: Defence against police brutality must be established, asap, and democratically.

Removal of resistance: Judges need to help us.

Unification: The judge who did what he did to Cecily McMillan should be forced to resign. He is a sick man and an enemy of democracy and of humanity worldwide. He must resign and then be put on trial himself. McMillan must be retried. The facts make it obvious that most people in the world will agree that she must be.


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Point 855: 'Drones' are cowardly tools used by sick spineless hateful terrorists like the US and UK governments.

Thrust: Reprieve reports 'A report published today by the UK Parliament's Defence Committee has questioned the legality of 'targeted killings' - carried out by drones and Special Forces - in Iraq and Syria. The Committee's report on The situation in Iraq and Syria refers to the use of 'Special Forces operations and remotely piloted air systems [drones] to kill or capture High Value targets,' and raises questions over whether 'such operations...are in accordance with the law.' It also asks whether such operations could potentially undermine political strategy in the area.'

Direction of resistance: If you can't see what's wrong with drones, you are very sick.

Removal of resistance: Take some time out to get help, if you are that sick.

Unification: Seriously. What kind of sick fuck would even have to debate it still. There is quite a lot of evidence showing that to continue the drone operations is so sick, it will cost us billions in reparations we will be forced to pay for what we have done.


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Point 854: America was founded to conquer Europe, effectively.

Thrust: Sheldon Richman writes 'Today, American politicians of both major parties - conservatives, 'moderates,' and so-called liberals alike - insist that the United States is an 'exceptional,' even 'indispensable' nation. In practice, this means that for the United States alone the rules are different. Particularly in international affairs, it - the government and its personnel - can do whatever deemed necessary to carry out its objectives, including things that would get any other government or person branded a criminal.

This is nothing new. 'American exceptionalism' goes back to the founding. When American politicians set their sights on Spain's North American possessions, they were driven by the same attitude. In their view the new 'Empire of Liberty,' as Jefferson called it, was destined to replace the old, worn-out empires of Europe in its hemisphere. They had no doubt that the Old World's colonial possessions would eventually fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government, either formally or informally.'

Direction of resistance: Culturally it is over. Most people at the best schools in England are completely subservient to American media and are more likely to have allegiance to the President of the USA than to the Prime Minister of the UK.

Removal of resistance: Hitler thought he would win too. He was as convinced. He had as much evidence.

Unification: And many others before him, just like him.


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Point 853: Conspicuous consumption.

Thrust: It's in the various car-types used as badges of seniority in the estate agent industry.

Direction of resistance: It's why people pay four or five pounds for something which actually only takes one pound to make, so that they can buy it in some ready-made-food outlet instead of going through the hassle of producing it in a kitchen.

Removal of resistance: It's in public figures who whore themselves to corporate power, openly and unabashed.

Unification: It's in every hyperconsumer and every moment of hyperconsuming going on anywhere in society at any given time - when done in the belief that doing so is 'a privilege'.

It's the use of things you buy as a trophy, as excess of consuming anything, if you 'like' it, a tropy. It is a fairly easy-to-see form of putting money on a pedestal, measuring yourself and others in terms of money and losing touch with reality, with nature, with reason, with truth. You only have to look at Donald Trump for a good example of it, or Hillary Clinton, or Theresa May, or Emily Thornberry, etc etc etc.

Trump's a good one - serious conspicuousness there. But take a close look at the lives of the others - they're not really different to Trump in any significant way. They all, above all, rate themselves, you, and others on the basis of 'financial wealth' alone.

It's a rather pathetic way to measure things. It's really not very hard to rise above that in your mind. You could do so right now, if you were so inclined. The degree to which their ideology is spread throughout society is high, but some people are less devoted to this worship of money than others - in your case perhaps it is very easy to see through your own flaws and just change - which will actually save you money, as you can imagine, which is a handy thing, as money is a means to adequate health and shelter, and other basic necessities. If you rise above it then all you need is that - so it's worth rising above it - in the end 'wealth' is really a differential between what you have and what you need and these absurd hoarders with their big piles are not actually any more wealthy than someone with very little who happens to need even less than she/he has.

This sounds dull and lacking in awesomeness and factory-made-flavour-bursts and 'respect' and 'fun' and orgies and so on and the rest of it - and that gets you down. Alas. I can't really help you there. If you need to be gratified to believe you are not wasting your life, you will need to find your own way to whatever truth you actually need to face, and no prose by me on this topic is likely, I feel, to speed up that process for you.


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Point 852: The anti-war party.

Thrust: Sarah Lazare wrote 'Grassroots mobilization in the United States can play a vital role in preventing lawmakers from charging into war. This was recently demonstrated when people power - including overwhelming calls to congressional representatives and local protests - had a hand in stopping U.S. strikes on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2013. Mass call-ins, as well as scattered street protests, also had a hand in preventing war hawks from passing new sanctions in the midst of talks with Iran last year. It will be important to closely track any Obama administration attempt to pass explicit authorization for the war on ISIS, as well as congressional efforts to sabotage diplomacy with Iran'.

Direction of resistance: In the US and UK I urge all voters who strongly wish to not end up as canon fodder in the growing attempt by the elite to turn England and the USA into fully fledged international battlefields full of death, to ONLY VOTE FOR ANTI WAR MPS.

Removal of resistance: And it's up to parties to purge themselves of war mongers.

Unification: Party affiliation is no excuse for taking part or even passively condoning genocide.


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Point 851: Selling out at Selma - Obama's shameful place in history as a fool.

Thrust: Ajamu Baraka writes 'Malcolm X once said that the black freedom movement wasn't integrated by white liberals and their Negro collaborators but was instead infiltrated. That programmatic and ideological infiltration was on full display in Selma on Saturday. In the 1950s and 1960s, the political and ideological space was created for liberal infiltration because of state repression in the 1950s. A major target of the post-war national security state in the 50s was the radical black movement and individual black radicals. Dozens of radical black activists were prosecuted, jailed, forced out of the country or confined to a form of national house arrest by having their passports seized. Some of the more prominent names associated with this repression included W.E.B. Dubois, Claudia Jones, William Patterson and Paul Robeson'.

Direction of resistance: Baraka explains 'The speech in Selma, with all of its pro-'American' and settler colonialist sentimentality was delivered with a world audience in mind. Its ideological objective was to counter the idea of an irreconcilable black opposition by co-opting black resistance and imposing a conservative meaning of black oppositional politics.'

Removal of resistance: Barack Obama, surely you can try and change what history will say about you?

Unification: Start that revolution, mate. Do it now. Do it. Overthrow your puppet masters. Help make Chomsky president. He'll do the job you failed to do.


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Point 850: After the smurf, Elvis.

Thrust: In March 2015, I apparently wrote:

"A sequence of novelty presidents.

The USA has put some show presidents up for us, very novel.

First an idiot - a genuine simpleton, from the olden days. Then Obama - a 'black' man. Now we have 'a woman' coming up.

After that, I feel that they must have a Smurf as president. An actual smurf - or someone dressed as a smurf throughout their presidency - a hired actor.

It is the natural successor in the chain of novelty presidents"

and then as an afterthought added:

"After the smurf, Elvis.

After Clinton, as I said, it would be fitting for the US to have a smurf as president.

After the smurf, an Elvis impersonator.

I think that will send a sufficiently urgent signal to any extra terrestrials who may be able to save us from entropy that we can no longer manage our affairs without external help.

Should it come to it, after the Elvis impersonator, the president would have to be Cher. I mean think about it. It's obvious, isn't it? No wait. I suppose it could just as easily be Benedict Cumberbatch in drag."

Direction of resistance: So they skipped the "woman" and went straight to Smurf, followed by Oprah Winfrey, or something.

Removal of resistance: This is no good.

Unification: Perhaps the USA can put forward a sane candidate for president now? Someone like Noam Chomsky, for example. Someone who would actually be competent and honourable.


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Point 849: A definition of a boombastic baseline.

Thrust: All you 'politically engaged' masses - which is a HUGE body of people - you are the lifeblood of the mainstream media.

Direction of resistance: Even when the bulk of you disagree with and resent the falseness of that media, it is you, not the rest, who drive the actual turnstiles and ad revenue of their pages.

Removal of resistance: If YOU boycott them en masse, they will crumble - the people who are suckers for their consumer corporate messagery - ie their fake news (ultimately) do not drive significant usage - ie heavy repeat usage which generates higher ad revenue.

Unification: You have SO MUCH POWER over them - the same is true of facebook - if you ALL en masse boycott facebook, the impact on their bottom line will be much worse than you can possibly imagine.

You are the engine of their daily traffic, all these people. If you unite and totally 100% boycott them for a huge length of time they will have no choice but to obey the people and not the corporations, or just disappear.

Stop being lazy and narcissistic! Beat them. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT. No one else.


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Point 848: To all you remainers, often two-faced pathetic liars. If you REALLY want to halt the Brexit I know how - and only if you listen to me will you succeed, you too-often two faced deluded hyperconsumers.

Thrust: You have to address your arguments to the 'left wing' 'Brexit' supporters across the land - who include a hell of a lot of - NON WHITE people, EASTERN EUROPEANS who are now British, SOLDIERS, and others you like to kid yourself all support you in your weak and two-faced campaign built largely on nothing but your self-interest.

Direction of resistance: That means you have to address these problems: corporatism, racism, militarism.

Removal of resistance: That is what most of those Brexit votes were driven by. They were driven by people angry at the rise of those things, who do not feel that 'neoliberal' Britain is serving anyone but corporations and the U.S. military machine and all the racist machinations involved.

Unification: The far right is loud but tiny - it makes itself seem a lot bigger than it ever really is - the people who beat you are actually anti-racists - white men and women in the army, white men and women against militarism, white men and women against war and racism as well as non white men and women pushing those agendas.

I have had contact or reports of numerous soldiers who voted leave, and I have even heard anecdotal reports of Eastern Europeans who have built businesses here not wanting corporations to bring in cheap unskilled labour to undercut British business and roll out shoddy work.

If you don't face up to WHY the Brexit vote happened, you CANNOT CHANGE THE SITUATION - and any impending disaster will be worse.

YOU HAVE TO NOW BE HONEST - you have no further option. You only have that road - you must now tell the fucking truth you pathetic lying fools.


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Point 847: Migration, the cause of human civilisation, is seen as 'wrong'? Why?

Thrust: Binoy Kampmark writes 'The source of humanitarian crisis and the catalyst for such movements of people do not stop because the drawbridge is lifted. The good conscience of Australia's officials is such that deaths at sea, as long as they don't happen on route to Australia, is nothing to be worried about. Insulated, with a free conscience, the Abbotophiles can continue to treat international law, not so much as a dead letter as an irrelevant one.'

Direction of resistance: Without migration we would never have survived and become what we are.

Removal of resistance: This strange 'phobia' of people who don't sit in one place and become full of the stench of bigotry - is fucking stupid.

Unification: Read some books, you crazy racist fuckheads. Actually read a hell of a lot of them. Go to for a sound selection.


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Point 846: A flag or a person, which actually matters?

Thrust: Mateo Pimentel writes 'The jingoism, the flag-waving, fanatical American patriotism. How bizarre America's patriotic filigree! It means nothing. Only the people are meaning; only the people mean something.'

Direction of resistance: Eddie Izzard does an excellent routine about flags.

Removal of resistance: Check it out some time.

Unification: Is it really that hard for the masses to understand? All this flag-waving is a throwback and sign of a very unevolved unscientific society.


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Point 845: Only cowards will fight in the US army and British army, as time goes by. The brave will just leave - because they cannot, forever, appease nazis.

Thrust: Andre Shepherd tells Ron Jacobs 'In 2005 I began to do extensive research into not just the Iraq conflict, but over the entire War on Terror in general. What I discovered was that we as soldiers have been lied to multiple times about the reasons why we had to invade these nations and that our actions had nothing to do with protecting our country. That is why I decided to leave the military entirely in April of 2007, about three months before our second deployment.

From April 2007 until November 2008 I lived underground in southern Germany. During this time my friends and I tried to find ways to immigrate into Germany legally so I would begin to try and have a normal life. It did not work on the grounds that I needed the DD-214 (discharge papers) from the military that explained how I arrived there in the first place. After every other option was exhausted, I officially applied for political asylum on November 26, 2008 in protest to the Iraq war.

Since that time I have worked tirelessly to win the case. I was also busy learning German and building my life from scratch. Many things that I had done in the United States I had to do again in my new home, such as drivers training, schooling, and social and cultural integration.'

Direction of resistance: Recruitment of new soldiers probably favours those who are ready to hate muslims, nowadays, so we're already dealing with an increasingly stupid army.

Removal of resistance: But one by one those who cannot abide by that will leave, no matter how senior.

Unification: And the army will be nothing but a violent crew of idiots. That's not an army. That's the thing armies were set up to shut down. And they cannot survive after that.


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Point 844: Fuck off Hillary Clinton. And take the Democrats with you.

Thrust: Norman Pollack writes 'If the Democrats can swallow a potus whose trademark is drone assassination, why not a Hillary who in advocating for troop surges has proven she can belt them down with the big boys? This contempt for the public should be sent packing.'

Direction of resistance: It's time for an anti-war president.

Removal of resistance: BRING ON PRESIDENT CHOMSKY.

Unification: Come on, Americans. You talk of exceptionalism but only give us mediocre-minded pathetic game show hosts for politicians.

Give us someone who proves you're not all fucking morons. GIVE US PRESIDENT CHOMSKY you ignorant village idiot bastards.


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Point 843: The methods of liars become weaker as they go forwards.

Thrust: Toni Solo writes 'If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, anti-Americanism is currently the first. The Bush regime uses it to deceive the United States people while enriching its corporate buddies. Spreading fear, anxiety, and hatred under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Bush and his team tear up the US constitution and pawn the country's future. The McCarthyite suggestion that a menace exists called "anti-Americanism" is a potent weapon in the Bush plutocrats' disinformation armoury. It makes it much harder for rational criticism of US government policy to be heard-let alone accepted. The sleight of hand is to pretend that the regime installed in the White House represents the United States people.

People throughout the Americas know better. After such long experience of US government aggression, opportunism and duplicity, maybe they are harder to dupe. As Bolivia tries to remake itself and the peoples of Venezuela and Colombia gear up to resist yet more White House sponsored terrorism,1 now may be a good time to remember some United States citizens who had a very different vision from that of their government. In Central America thousands of communities have been victims of terrorist aggression by the US government or its open support for genocidal military-dominated regimes in the region. Yet it is in those places that a more authentic voice of the United States people has been taken to heart. This truth counteracts the mindless racism encouraged by the neo-cons' beloved cop out, "anti-americanism".'.

Direction of resistance: Imperialism is seen as strong only by ignorant and weak people and anyone who isn't those things slowly but surely sees through it, parochially and eventually globally.

Removal of resistance: Look at the history of any 'empire' and this obvious characteristic is now as visible as the sun, thanks to our current capacity to analyse and store information, a huge leap for humanity.

Unification: Old politics died long ago. In about 1992. The imperialists have been too busy to realise. And now, whatever anyone may think, I know - they're outnumbered. The new way is already running this world. And it is alert to the fact that the old way is ready to begin the most self-destructive breakdown in history - it is a victim of its own stupidity. Relax. And look into yourself for the best that you can be. And remember, when humans work together, they are strong - and that's how we've come so far. So the time will come when you can know first-hand that we'll all survive, because you can work together with everyone else who wants to end war and corporatism immediately, and you can make yourself as sure as you can ever be. Which is completely sure - that's not a euphemism for something bad. We can be sure. Only idiots can NEVER see that.


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Point 842: You who live safe in warm houses!

Thrust: Joseph Schechla wrote 'Systematic demolition of Palestinian homes by bulldozer since 1947 is perhaps foremost among the destructive Israeli practices throughout Palestine in both physical and socioeconomic terms. This legacy evokes the systematic Israeli depopulation and demolition of 531 indigenous Palestinian villages in the first two years of Israel's proclamation of independence, and an ensuing continuum of practices that today are commonly identified with ethnic cleansing.

The continuous bulldozing of Palestinian homes has flattened 2,243 houses across both Gaza and the West Bank in 2004 alone, leaving some 14,000 Palestinians homeles s. According to the UN, your client's army has destroyed or irreparably damaged over 12,000 homes since 2001 in the Gaza Strip, including some 2,990 shelters, home to 28,500 refugees. In 2005, Israel used bulldozers to destroy at least 114 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, and 50 in Gaza. Since 25 January 2006, Israel has likewise destroyed at least 48 Palestinian homes on the pretext that they lacked Israeli permits.'.

Direction of resistance: Israel cannot be allowed to exist in this way any more.

Removal of resistance: Israeli dissenters, stand up and be counted. You are very important.

Unification: Please do your duty!


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Point 841: Fantasies of the distorted genocidal Israeli 'ring bangers'.

Thrust: Kathleen and Bill Christison write 'Greenspan, again wondering how The Israel Project handles it when a story unfavorable to Israel gets out, asked Wachter, '...another one - Rachel Corrie, who was accidentally killed by a bulldozer, and we were told that she was trying to stop the demolition of houses. Well, it turned out she was actually trying to stop the demolition of tunnels that were used by terrorists to smuggle explosives into Israel, that she herself was apparently very much involved in some terrorist organizations - but, when something of that gets out very quickly - could you do anything to counter that?'

As if in a kind of crescendo of distortion, this final observation is Greenspan's most serious lie. His version of Corrie's story is almost identical to the version in the book An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror by David Frum and Richard Perle, both leading neoconservatives and former officials in the George W. Bush administration. The book's account (page 81) is a serious slander against Corrie, but it is not as personally injurious as Greenspan's lies. Three of Greenspan's assertions must be addressed: that Corrie's killing was accidental, that she was attempting to stop the demolition not of a home but of tunnels used to smuggle explosives into Israel, and that she was herself involved with terrorist organizations.

1) 'Accidental' killing: Greenspan is quoting the Israeli government, which officially concluded that the killing - which occurred in Rafah, Gaza, on March 16, 2003 - was accidental, but there is substantial credible evidence that this is a cover-up. Greenspan has obviously chosen to take Israel's word on this over that of several American and British citizens who were present, working as volunteers with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and rather than trust the good moral standing of a young American human rights worker. The Israeli claim that the killing was accidental is seriously undermined by the fact that the Israelis interviewed none of the eight American and British eyewitnesses who were with Corrie attempting to stop a house demolition; nor did Israeli officials interview the Palestinian eyewitnesses. There is considerable evidence from the sworn testimony of the ISM volunteers that the bulldozer driver who twice ran over Corrie knew she was there and knew he had run her down.

Two Israeli bulldozers and a tank had been on the scene and Corrie and the other ISM volunteers had been interacting with the drivers for at least two hours before Corrie was killed. One of the bulldozers had been moving earth around, repeatedly approaching the home in question, as well as other structures and a walled olive grove, and several other volunteers had alternately stood in front of the machine, attempting to stop its onward progress. Before the Corrie killing, the bulldozer had come very near to running over two other volunteers but each time had stopped just short of harming them. The bulldozer driver was well aware that Corrie and the others were in the vicinity.

When Corrie stood in front of the bulldozer as it approached a Palestinian home, she wore a fluorescent orange jacket with reflective tape and used a megaphone, according to photographs and the sworn testimony of other volunteers. The day was sunny, and the incident took place in an open, treeless area in front of the house. As the bulldozer approached her with its blade down, according to eyewitnesses, it pushed a mound of earth before it, and Corrie stood on top of this mound so that she was almost at eye level with the driver. When the bulldozer continued to advance, she lost her footing and fell, and the bulldozer rode over her, blade still down. The other volunteers began screaming at the driver and gesticulating frantically as the bulldozer touched Corrie.

The bulldozer stopped for a few seconds after it had run over her and then backed up over her, still with its blade down. All eyewitnesses testified that the driver saw her and, when she fell, had to know that she was under his machine because she did not emerge on either side. In addition, the driver of the other bulldozer and personnel in the tank had an unimpeded view of the incident from the sidelines.

At least two of the eyewitnesses had experience in construction work and testified that any heavy equipment operator knows that the equipment will suck anything in front of it underneath as it pushes earth up and also that it is standard procedure to lift the blade when backing up, which this bulldozer did not do. Another eyewitness testified, based on the earlier close encounters with other volunteers, that the driver was in total control of his equipment, moving very slowly, and could have stopped for Corrie had he wanted to.

No Israeli from either the bulldozers or the tank attempted to help Corrie as she lay dying while a Palestinian ambulance was called.'.

Direction of resistance: The phrase 'used by terrorists to smuggle explosives into Israel, that she herself was apparently very much involved in some terrorist organizations' is something I draw to the attention of White Hobo Man (and many others, but this is something I feel White Hobo Man should consider carefully and come up with an answer to, in his head).

Removal of resistance: Rachel is one of the women who proved that America can be beautiful and free, intelligent, amazing, inspiring and 'awesome'.

Unification: Yes, if any American makes me awed, it'd be someone like Ms Corrie, or Manning, or Alex Cockburn, or Michael Hastings, or Seymour Hersh, or Noam Chomsky.

I know one day the man responsible for killing her will be tried at something akin to the Hague, maybe at the Hague or at Durban. I know that all Americans will be taught to respect Ms Corrie. One day. I am sure of that. So why don't YOU start now, in advance, and have less work to do later?


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Point 840: On Israel's hate lists.

Thrust: B.R. Gowani writes 'Some of the victims of the Israeli Lobby Juggernaut:

Cynthia McKinney (House Rep., now Green Party presidential candidate) Earl Hilliard (House Rep.)

Charles H. Percy (Senator)

Adlai E. Stevenson III (Senator)

Paul N. 'Pete' McCloskey (House Rep.) J. William Fulbright (Senator)

Paul Findley (House Rep.)

Walter Huddleston (Senator)

Juan Cole (political analyst)

James Abourezk (Senator)

Noam Chomsky (academic)

George W. Ball (Undersecretary of State) Eqbal Ahmad (late)

Edward Said (late)

John Connally (Texas Governor)

Jimmy Carter (former President)

Arun Gandhi (founder, M. K. Gandhi Institute) M. Shahid Alam (Professor)

Robert Fisk (Journalist)

John J. Mearsheimer (academic)

Stephen M. Walt (professor)

James M. Ennes Jr. (author)

Tony Judt (historian)

Vanessa Redgrave (actress)'.

Direction of resistance: Gowani observes 'The Israel Lobby Juggernaut scares the hell out of people. It tries to crush those who stand up against them; some suffer but persist, and the pragmatics survive by changing their tune. Nobody is immune; reporters, editors, columnists, professors, academics, politicians.... Everyone is labeled 'anti-Semite' when s/he criticizes the power of the Israel Lobby or talks about the misery of the Palestinian people. Even a greeting kiss upsets them! And enquiries are never allowed to be held into Israel's crimes.

It's not a new phenomenon; back in the 1950s, the frustrated Secretary of State John Foster Dulles unambiguously stated: 'We cannot have all our policies made in Jerusalem.' To the owner of Time Inc. Henry Luce he said: 'I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews. [But] I am going to try to have one. This does not mean I am anti-Jewish, but I believe in what George Washington said in his farewell address, that an emotional attachment to another country should not interfere.''

Removal of resistance: The israeli state pays students to post pro-israeli messages on the internet.

Unification: How ashamed of you Feynman, Einstein, indeed Moses himself, would be. Israel's state is clearly run by pathetic bastards.


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Point 839: Who is to blame?

Thrust: Amer Zahr writes 'We Palestinians have been struggling for a long time. I am not speaking of the struggle to be recognized as an independent state, or the struggle to be recognized in the United Nations, or even the struggle to be recognized in international courts. I am speaking, rather, of the struggle to be recognized as human beings.'

Direction of resistance: In the eyes of many people I was at St Paul's School and St Anne's College with - will Palestinians (and antiwar activists) ever be human?

Removal of resistance: That seems unlikely.

Unification: But it's really 'not personal'. Whatever indoctrination they have suffered, it directs their ideas. They are not in control of their own minds.


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Point 838: China notes Western war mongering in Eastern Europe.

Thrust: Xinhua writes 'Defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) decided on Thursday to strengthen NATO's presence in eastern Europe and the Baltic region and expand the size of its rapid reaction force.

NATO defense ministers decided to set up six command and control centers in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania'.

Direction of resistance: Why can't Americans learn to do things in a civilised way, not interfere and control, not use killing as a part of their identity?

Removal of resistance: Why?

Unification: It's not just me, asking. Look at a world map. Count the populations. Maybe 4 billion people want to know. That's a lot of people asking WHY?


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Point 837: Civilised means loud racist ignorant behaviour, to the European establishment!

Thrust: Walden Bello writes 'From Germany to Belgium to France, European countries have been on a manhunt for terrorists in the wake of January's shootings at the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo and a Parisian kosher supermarket. The pursuit has been especially intense in Belgium, where officials describe their targets as jihadist sleeper cells about to mount new terrorist attacks.

But while top forces have been mobilized against migrants who have supposedly left Europe to train with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), only to return and wreak havoc in Europe, there's another explanation for recent attacks.

The real breeding ground for extremism stems from the treatment of immigrant groups within Europe. Racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination have driven a generation of young migrants to radical movements as a solution to an absence of job prospects, poor education, deteriorated neighborhoods, lack of respect, and repeated bouts in jail. Ironically, the crackdown on these communities in the aftermath of the attacks could potentially escalate the problem'.

Direction of resistance: You don't have to be very well informed to comprehend the truth of what Bello says.

Removal of resistance: So go on, have a read.

Unification: And choose to use your own mind rather than to be dictated to be a corporate powered infrastructure armed with mind-numbing media and towers of public relations.


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Point 836: GCHQ has broken the law, according to IPT.

Thrust: Reprieve writes 'The UK's Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has today ruled that mass- surveillance of the internet by intelligence agency GCHQ before December 2014 was unlawful. The case marks the first time that the highly-secretive IPT has ever ruled against the intelligence services in its entire, 15-year existence.'

Direction of resistance: It is absolutely necessary that transparency be prevalent in all justice relating to these matters.

Removal of resistance: The legal profession and the judiciary will be failing tragically if they do not ensure absolute transparency.

Unification: But in the absence of that, failure to achieve near total transparency is obviously a failure on this front. Transparency is the heart of this issue.


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Point 835: Barrett Brown and the state of censorship in the USA.

Thrust: Binoy Kampmark writes 'For the green of readership, Brown was arrested for publishing links to information he had appropriated and made public by Anonymous and other groups in his hacktivist circle. The most relevant connection was Brown's dealings with the strategic forecasting agency Stratfor, the hacking of which garnered the most concern. An online collective, Project PM, was created for the purposes of relaying Internet relay chats, or, in Brown's own words, 'for the purpose of wiping out the fucking government and certain media institutions.' The link was enough to get him cooked by the state apparatus.'

Direction of resistance: Read more about Barrett.

Removal of resistance: Unless you believe in being a mindless slave.

Unification: A mindless, uninformed, absolutely controlled slave, that is.


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Point 834: Holocausts are bad. Jews, Germans, Palestinians, Americans - these are interchangeable. Holocausts are the thing which are ALWAYS bad.

Thrust: Chris Hedges writes 'I did not write this story to say that Germans are bad and Jews are good. The line between good and evil runs through all hearts. It is, sadly, as easy to become an executioner as a victim. This is the most sobering lesson of war. And it is something the greatest writers on the Holocaust, such as Primo Levi, understood. There were, after all, Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei, Jewish Kapos, Judenräte, Sonderkommandos and Blockälteste whose contributions to the organization of the ghettos and the death camps kept the crematoriums functioning. The prisoners who lowered themselves to the moral squalor of the SS were soon lost. I did not write this piece to say that virtue or goodness triumphed after the Holocaust. The Nazi extermination of 12 million people, including 6 million Jews, was a colossal, tragic and absurd waste of human life. I wrote this piece to say that the fierce and protective love of a mother and a father is stronger than hate. It can overcome evil. After the war Lola met a young German man in Spain. 'He could have been a soldier,' she said. He asked Lola about her wartime experience. She told him. She kissed him on the cheek in saying goodbye.'

Direction of resistance: Establishment backers: stop killing people in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Ukraine, and everywhere else YOU are killing them.

Removal of resistance: Unlike you, I don't believe in fighting violence with violence.

Unification: So my words are not a 'death sentence'. YOURS often are. You are guilty. Your 'evil ideology' MUST CHANGE.


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Point 833: How old is art?

Thrust: Andrew Griffin writes in the Independent 'A zig-zag, drawn on a shell, could re-write our entire understanding of human origins and art. The pattern, drawn by a homo erectus as long as 540,000 years ago and found recently by an Australian researcher, could change all understandings of our early ancestors.

The engraving is at least 300,000 years older than other markings thought to be the oldest made by humans or Neanderthals. The pattern looks like previous finds, but the oldest known of those dates from 100,000 years ago'.

Direction of resistance: They tell us "A team of researchers then worked to date the shell, which showed it was between 430,000 and 540,000 years old.

The team also found that Homo erectus had opened the shells by drilling through them with a shark's tooth."

Removal of resistance: It's important to bear in mind, however, most of the doctrines about the nature of language and related fields .. most of them are just flat wrong. There's a doctrine which is held virtually at the level of dogma. The way it's put is the function of language is communication. It's a kind of a curious notion because biological systems don't have functions. .. the dogma is that language, uniquely among biological systems, has a function and the function is communication, but if these first two conclusions are correct that has to be false because communication is based on externalisation and if externalisation is an ancillary property of language then communication is even more so.

Unification: So it is a more trivial finding than you may be led to imagine - ie some particularly old piece of communication. How far back does 'thought' go? That is the real issue. And how does the capacity for language evolve? That's a key question. And what does it say about awareness?


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Point 832: European nationalism and its roots.

Thrust: M.G. Piety writes 'One of the great things about Americans is that they are probably the least nationalistic people in the world. Oh yeah, they trot out the flag on the fourth of July and for the Super Bowl, but that's about it. A few crazy fascists brandish it throughout the year, but most people, except for a brief period after September 11,th pay no attention to them. Danes, in contrast, about whom I know a little because I lived there for eight years, plaster Danish flags all over everything. Stores put them in their windows when they have sales, they are standard decorations for almost every holiday and a must, in their small toothpick versions, for birthday cakes. This isn't because they suffer from some sort of aesthetic deficiency that compels them to turn to this national symbol for want of any better idea of how to create a festive atmosphere. No, Danes throw Danish flags all over everything because they are incredibly nationalistic, as is about every other European and almost everyone else in the rest of the world who's had to fight off the encroachment of foreign powers onto their national sovereignty. We've seldom, OK, really never, had to do that. Still, if we, you know, seriously studied European history, we would have something of an appreciation for how basic is nationalism to the psyches of most people in the world and we could use this as our point of departure for understanding the dynamics of international relations, as well as for appreciating the obstacles to our understanding of the internal dynamics of other countries.'

Direction of resistance: Another important aspect of this issue is the impact it has on the relationship between each nation state and the EU.

Removal of resistance: At the moment huge swathes of far right Europeans in every nation see the European central bodies as evil and as foreign foe.

Unification: This is not a good thing in any way. The presence of the USA in the equation makes it a lot worse and naturally they find themselves arming and working with far right and far right leaning groups all over Western and Eastern Europe.

THIS is the problem we have. There's no point beating about the bush. Europe has a huge white supremacist problem which America is feeding and it is using Russia to try and bait the white supremacists. Openly using Russia to do this.

The backlash is that this white supremacist body is also a group of individually highly nationalistic extremist political movements. Each, on its own, can contribute to a disaster Europe would be destroyed by, Britain included, ie a Europe-wide surge of actual Neo Nazi national governments, including in Britain, ultimately, as a feverish response to Corbyn's near miss.

The USA's militarists and corporations would be fine with this. A LOT of profit plus massive American military base construction all over Europe.

The European and British public may find themselves hating America as much as most of the Middle East, Asia and Africa's actual civilian populations do - plunging all of Western Europe into war is easy for the USA - and they are on the brink of it - as easily as they can do that in the Far East or Middle East. To the US corporate-run army we are, after all, ALL 'east'.

When I worked in the conference sector talking to military, government and scientific workers in the 'defence' sector I spoke to harmless footsoldiers in the USA and UK who appeared to be very depressed that they would soon be sent to a battlefield - and I spoke to a German officer who claimed that American soldiers are the enemy - that they have no loyalty to European soldiers and don't actually defend the latter or even, necessarily, not kill the latter, whether by accident or not.

Meanwhile Paul Craig Roberts reports British soldiers voting Leave because they feel that they are led to fight immoral and illegal wars by the USA via Brussels.

And then you have Manning, Snowden, Assange, etc.

The picture is very clear. As for the cowardice of the many (not the few), the reasons for that are also very clear.


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Point 831: IDF used as an armed criminal force.

Thrust: Palestine chronicle writes 'In the three amateur videos released by the Yesh Din human rights group, the IDF soldiers appear to be protecting the masked Jewish settlers from Yitzhar during their confrontation with Palestinians in the village of Urif in the West Bank on Tuesday.'

Direction of resistance: Baroud's sterling publication goes on ''IDF soldiers have the obligation, based on international law and High Court of Justice rulings, to protect Palestinian residents from violence, and IDF soldiers have the authority to detain suspects, including Israeli suspects, until the police arrive,' Yesh Din said in a statement.

The footage shows at least 5 armed IDF soldiers standing amongst the settlers and at times pointing guns at the Palestinians.'

Removal of resistance: Perhaps the entire Israeli state mechanism is itself nothing more than an armed criminal gang.

Unification: Israeli dissent is sure to keep growing but it faces amazingly stern punishment.


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Point 830: Social Engineering through inaction.

Thrust: M.G. Piety writes 'Babies can't help being born to poor parents, but conservatives have no problem condemning these 'innocent lives' to overcrowded and underfunded schools. Poor kids are supposed to find some way out of that situation without any help from the government.'

Direction of resistance: Piety points out 'Show me the bona fide genius who can't get into Harvard because her spot was taken by some academically unqualified minority and I'll start to become concerned. I haven't seen that yet, and I'm not going to see it, because it doesn't happen. White people who are deluding themselves that it does are simply looking around for someone else to blame for their own mediocrity.

When did white people become so pathetic? Black people have had to live for generations under a system that is demonstrably unfair to them. There's plenty of documentation for that. Where do white people get off thinking that they are entitled to ask the government to redress a 'wrong' done to them that would appear to be no more than a figment of their fevered imaginations?

Where has this sense of white entitlement come from? When Jeil 2 Savings Bank of South Korea came under investigation for alleged irregularities by its executives and major shareholders, its president, Jeong Gu-Haeng, committed suicide. When white guys in the U.S. run their banks into the ground, not only do they take no responsibility, they expect the government bail them out. That is no more, nor less than they feel they are entitled to. White people can't handle having to deal with the consequences of our own actions. We can't handle anything that is really difficult. Difficulties are 'unfair'!'

Removal of resistance: In other words the status quo is all very well for people who gain undeservedly from it - but what is it doing for the survivability of such people?

Unification: It is a law of nature - corruption leads to destructio.


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Point 829: America the gigantic graveyard.

Thrust: David Yearsley writes 'The central hymn of the 1800 commemorations of the Landing at Plymouth was, as always, 'Old Hundred.' The text adapts the old Pilgrim psalm to new purposes of Manifest Destiny.

Hail, Pilgrim Fathers of our race!

With grateful hearts, your toils we trace; Again this Votive Day returns,

And finds us bending o'er your urns.

Jehovah's arm prepar'd the road; The Heathen vanish'd at his nod:

He gave his Vine a lasting root;

He load its goodly boughs with fruit.

The hills are cover'd with its shade; Its thousand shoots like cedars spread: Its branches to the sea expand,

And reach to broad Superior's strand.

Of Peace and Truth the gladsome ray Smiles in our skies and cheers the day; And a new Empire's splendent wheels Roll o'er the tops of western hills.

The voices of the Pilgrims can be heard in that melody and in its chilling, updated words. In them, too, one can sense the attentive ghosts of the Native Americans listening still.'

Direction of resistance: Before the corporatists took her mind completely, my friend Anna, from St Anne's, who originally dated a sadistic lecherous nascent Blairite who was my close friend but spent their relationship bitching about me to her, putting me down (so after she dumped him and she and I became friends and she realised how different I am from the slander put around about me, we became fast friends for about a decade, but then corporatists took her and she's theirs now, their property, an owned white slave), put it to me that America is a giant graveyard of 'native Americans' whose ghosts watch over it.

Removal of resistance: She felt terrible guilt for the genocide of the 'pilgrim fathers'.

Unification: But was a sucker for propaganda. When I rightly condemned NATO's attack of Yugoslavia she managed to convince me that I was probably wrong and that NATO had gone in to prevent genocide (whereas it is clear that it is the reverse - they went in and generated genocide, and earned off the blood, as usual).


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Point 828: If the US starts a violent war, how many Western Europeans will die?

Thrust: Pepe Escobar writes 'Russian ICBMs armed with MIRVs travel at about 18 Mach; that is way faster than anything in the US arsenal. And basically they are unbeatable.

The S-400 and S-500 double trouble. Moscow has agreed to sell the S-400 surface-to-air missile system to China. The bottom line is this will make Beijing impermeable to US air power, ICBMs and cruise missiles. Russia, for its part, is already focusing on the state-of-the-art S-500 - which essentially makes the Patriot anti-missile system look like a V-2 from World War II.

The Russian Iskander missile travels at Mach 7 - with a range of 400 kilometers, carrying a 700 kilogram warhead of several varieties, and with a circular error probability of around five meters. Translation: an ultimate lethal weapon against airfields or logistic infrastructure. The Iskander can reach targets deep inside Europe.

And then there's the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA. Talk about a real near-future game-changer.

NATO clowns dreaming of a war on Russia would have to come up with an ironclad system to knock out the Iskanders. They don't have any. Additionally, they would have to face the S-400s, which the Russians can deploy all over the spectrum.

Think of a hefty batch of S-400s positioned at the enclave of Kaliningrad; that would turn NATO air operations deep inside Europe into an absolutely horrendous nightmare. On top of it, good ol' NATO fighter jets cost a fortune. Imagine the effect of hundreds of destroyed fighter jets on a European Union already financially devastated and austerity-plagued to death.

As if this was not enough, no one knows the exact extent of NATO's strategic capabilities. Brussels is not talking. Extra-officially, these capabilities are not exactly a marvel. And Russian intelligence knows it.

Still assuming those NATO clowns would insist on playing war, Moscow has already made it very clear Russia would use their awesome arsenal of 5,000-plus tactical nuclear weapons - and whatever else it takes - to defend the nation against a NATO conventional attack. Moreover, a few thousand S-400 and S-500 systems are enough to block a US nuclear attack.

None of this hair-raising Apocalypse Now scenario is even taking into account the Russia-China alliance - the major, game-changing Eurasian story of the 2010s.'

Direction of resistance: In other words, if the US starts up a war, as they intend to, a LOT of British civilians will die as 'collateral damage'.

Removal of resistance: In Iraq about a million may have died, figures indicate.

Unification: In Britain I think we can expect the same or worse, unless somebody stops the US in its tracks.


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Point 827: Having respect for the victims of Hitler.

Thrust: Vladimir Golstein writes on Al Jazeera 'My grandfather moved to Moscow in the 1920s and that saved his life. His brothers and cousins, who stayed in Kiev, were killed by the Nazis at the notorious Babi Yar massacre of 1941. My father was drafted into the Red Army to fight the Nazis. He was wounded, and this wound, as well as the hard life in the Soviet Union, took his life at the early age of 55.

I just visited his grave two days ago. I wonder what the World War II veterans would think of the indiscriminate use of the term Nazi nowadays. How do they feel, when this word gets applied to Russians who lost 20 million people in their war against them, or Serbians who were one of the few nations which heroically resisted the German occupation? I certainly feel outrage. Thousands of sacred memories worldwide, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Ukrainian and others are violated when the word Nazi is misapplied'.

Direction of resistance: A recent blogger in the Times of Israel managed to publish his view that genocide is acceptable if Israel does it (he used the word 'genocide' and claimed that 'genocide' itself CAN be morally right. Check it out on the grid. It was withdrawn quickly. However the world captured the content before it vanished and so you can read about it in much press worldwide, e.g. Counterpunch, Salon, my grid, Truthdig, many other places).

Removal of resistance: Read about that. Take your time. Digest all the facts.

Unification: It's important for you to be scientific and objective, and to inform yourself of fact.


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Point 826: Collective punishment, a throwback only utterly stupid people engage in.

Thrust: Haaretz writes 'Vice President Joe Biden called on Israel to stop the demolition of homes of terrorists' families, which he described as 'collective punishment.' Biden also criticized expansion of Jewish settlements 'in the West Bank and East Jerusalem' and called on the government to do more to stop 'vigilante justice' attacks against Palestinians.'

Direction of resistance: If I had been like an Israeli or NATO racist, during my youth I'd have not had the pleasure of friends from dozens of backgrounds. My sex life, moreover, would not have been enriched by many western European women, and English women.

Removal of resistance: When my teachers taught me great things, I'd have ignored those things if the teachers had been 'white' - so that's most of my school teachers. I'd have just ignored them.

Unification: Imagine - that is what I'm not like and you, if you are called a racist by people like me, ARE like! Someone who ignores and blocks so many good things in life, by declaring you are 'better' than 'others'.


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Point 825: Youngsters, listen to Pilger.

Thrust: John Pilger writes 'WHY HAS SO MUCH journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers?

Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what's called the mainstream media is not information, but power?

These are urgent questions. The world is facing the prospect of major war, perhaps nuclear war - with the United States clearly determined to isolate and provoke Russia and eventually China. This truth is being turned upside down and inside out by journalists, including those who promoted the lies that led to the bloodbath in Iraq in 2003.'

Direction of resistance: Subservience is strong among British people.

Removal of resistance: The new generation must overpower the path set for them.

Unification: They must not allow others to enslave them.


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Point 824: Chomsky now and Chomsky in 1988.

Thrust: Noam Chomsky writes 'For a century, the Zionist colonization of Palestine has proceeded primarily on the pragmatic principle of the quiet establishment of facts on the ground, which the world was to ultimately come to accept. It has been a highly successful policy. There is every reason to expect it to persist as long as the United States provides the necessary military, economic, diplomatic and ideological support.

For those concerned with the rights of the brutalized Palestinians, there can be no higher priority than working to change U.S. policies, not an idle dream by any means.'

Direction of resistance: These recent words from Chomsky are crucial to handling Israel.

Removal of resistance: As I have mentioned, I am focusing on Necessary Illusions from 1988 and am now beginning to familiarise myself with some early points about Israel from Chomsky.

Unification: These, I feel, are crucial things to work with, so I shall publish a great deal about that here soon.


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Point 823: Anthropocene period.

Thrust: Noam Chomsky writes 'The era of civilization coincides closely with the geological epoch of the Holocene, beginning over 11,000 years ago. The previous Pleistocene epoch lasted 2.5 million years. Scientists now suggest that a new epoch began about 250 years ago, the Anthropocene, the period when human activity has had a dramatic impact on the physical world. The rate of change of geological epochs is hard to ignore.

One index of human impact is the extinction of species, now estimated to be at about the same rate as it was 65 million years ago when an asteroid hit the Earth. That is the presumed cause for the ending of the age of the dinosaurs, which opened the way for small mammals to proliferate, and ultimately modern humans. Today, it is humans who are the asteroid, condemning much of life to extinction.'

Direction of resistance: Yes, in the last two hundred and fifty years we have impacted our home, the rock we live on, as much as nature did in 11,000 years before that and then 2.5 million before that.

Removal of resistance: I doubt you need to be that good at maths to spot the pattern.

Unification: So the next handful of years may well be very very very very very crucial to all our lives and the survival of all our descendants. Let's try and all live together forever. Eh? Come on people. This is you on the spot here. This is your test.


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Point 822: Time will tell on you, you old Jezebel? How long shall the wicked reign?

Thrust: Noam Chomsky writes 'The African Union strongly opposed the triumvirate assault. As reported by Africa specialist Alex de Waal in the British journal International Affairs, the AU established a "road map" calling for cease-fire, humanitarian assistance, protection of African migrants (who were largely slaughtered or expelled) and other foreign nationals, and political reforms to eliminate "the causes of the current crisis," with further steps to establish "an inclusive, consensual interim government, leading to democratic elections."

The AU framework was accepted in principle by Gadhafi but dismissed by the triumvirate, who "were uninterested in real negotiations," de Waal observes.

The outcome is that Libya is now torn by warring militias, while jihadi terror has been unleashed in much of Africa along with a flood of weapons, reaching also to Syria.'

Direction of resistance: The quote in the title is from Carry Go Bring, by Justin Hinds.

Removal of resistance: America, America, what the fuck are you doing?

Unification: Please stop doing it.


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Point 821: The art of fighting without fighting.

Thrust: PressTV reports 'The State Department and the NY Times got caught red-handed with faked evidence of Russian aggression in East Ukraine. But the story is now one of a double and maybe a triple hoax.

One might become curious at the US repeatedly claiming that Russian troops and agents were the tip of the spear on the East Ukraine civic building takeovers. Why? Because day after day the charges went on and on without any proof being put on the table.

Now mind you, this is after we have had several big intercept releases, which we assume were from Russian intelligence, starting with Victoria Nuland and her potty mouth discussing who was going to be in the post-coup government in Kiev. This is the same Ms. Nudlemann that was shoehorned into a top level State Dept. job some years ago with only four years of college and no diplomatic experience. It is the kind of placement that would catch the eye of counter-intelligence people of someone being planted.

What made her position so strange is that she had started as an assistant to Dick Cheney, so her qualifications were family and Israel Lobby political connections. That she was kept over from the Bush thugs by Obama is still mind boggling, when all the NeoCons should have been cleaned out in the first day security sweep.'

Direction of resistance: Of course, the art of fighting without fighting is very different to what is outlined above.

Removal of resistance: In 'Enter the dragon', Bruce Lee amusingly demonstrates the art of fighting without fighting on a man on a boat.

Unification: It's funny how so many neoliberals accuse Russia of the one thing these neoliberals have been caught red-handed doing, something Russia does not appear to be doing in any way at all, indeed.


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