Primary lesson for all grassroots 'democratic' forces emerging around the world, attempting to protect the future of the world and its people: 1. if it is really, definitely, ALREADY going very very very very f***ing fast, it has momentum that way, with skill you CAN profit from trading in that direction at that moment, with the flow; 2. if it hesitates/dilly-dallies on the way to that moment where you'd trade, don't do that trade, let that trade go, wait and start 'the run' again, ie the run of waiting for it to build up to a f***ing fast speed. These two rules, together, can multiply probability of profit so much you can become gigantic MERELY by understanding and never losing sight of those truths (which you can obeserve easily with experience, if you choose). Everything which needs to be taught, however, spirals outwards in detail and there is so much more to tell you. This was merely lesson one.


"Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer, not a trace of doubt in my mind, I'm in love, I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried. Yes I saw her face, now I'm a believer, not a trace of doubt in my mind..." (monkees)


With almost no sincere sympathy from anyone across the globe outside North America, North Americans face great risk, the future could be very bleak, disaster looms, belligerence and violent crime, North America's calling card the world over, has brought it to a time where around the corner untold horror can be lurking, ready for that vast sprawling and let us be reasonable - entirely unwitting and as blameless as any wild animal - population of North America. Children of North America and of its allies and its victims, children of the world, let us do the right thing and save America and its people from itself. Let us not be seen in history as a world which actually allowed untold horror to not only smash up all the things we've seen smashed up, indeed by North America's armies, but so much more horror to come. AMERICAN CHILDREN I've got your back. Let's mobilise. It's time to end the mercantile feudal plutocracy. I believe in your right to a great life, not just my right, but yours too my dear sisters and brothers. I'm with you, until the end.


"This fever for you is just burning me up inside, I drove all night to get to you, is that alright?" (Orbison)


A fever (metaphorical but very real) is growing in me at a fantastic pace and with it a new financial power is emerging within me and extending in adjacent parts of spacetime far beyond 'just' me. I drove all night to get to you. I've arrived now. This is the arrival. Whatever happens from here is merely the rest of the film.



author's note: I have definitely 'loved' many times and I have experienced the same experience each time but with more knowledge each time. There is nothing material in love, at all, that you can 'hold on' to, or seek, or worship, or revel in - whatever it is, this massive thing, enveloping me, it has no tangible place or notion for me to grip - all it can do is drive me, drive my ferocity, with which I pursue whatever I feel in my heart and soul are its interests or, since I am man for whom the most powerful manifestation in this universe of that universe I love is in one or other woman - in her interests, or their interests, since perhaps we don't 'understand' love enough, in our world of received 'wisdom', to accept that it's the same thing, wherever I find it, in whichever woman, or in whichever man any of them find it, etc. Why is someone beautiful to you? A specific shape of nose? A specific shade, curve, feature, tone, randiness, reservedness, etc etc etc? No, no it isn't. It's far past anything tangible at all. Beauty is the symptom, the cause is love. What you love is beautiful because it is what you love. So when you see who you love your next question is: who are WE? For we are not just this mortal flesh, this pantomime creature. Love proves that, when you feel it. So be strong. You can do this. We can change this world to a good one. Find the Keanu Reeves in you, children of the world. Find it NOW.