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point 0: Anti-Osamatism

point 1: When the longterm and the present collide it is too late to reverse the problems which in the initial present are seen as 'longterm' risk/problems.

point 2: Language, thought, morality, religion, atheism.

point 3: When 200 of the world's leading academic authorities on the subject of antisemitism and related studies, all of them Jewish and the majority Israeli, come together to produce such a document as the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism then it becomes much more awkward to label these people antisemites. This is the reason the media aren't covering its contents. Despite their obsessive coverage on the topic of antisemitism the BBC hasn't run a single article about the JDA.

point 4: What Corbyn and his followers want.

point 5: NHS is here to keep capitalism healthy not people healthy, Javid apparently thinks.

point 6: The advertising industry, its profits, the capitalist ideology and the harm it does to the true nature of people (and life on earth).

point 7: White Racial Preference - the scourge of trying to get a job or trying, naively, to meet people who are sincerely not treating you as beneath them if you're not non-non-white and are British.

point 8: Chomsky on "the future of capitalism".

point 9: Tropes about muslims are bread and butter to racist white Britain, whilst racist white Britain pretends to be 'outraged' when tropes about people, eg jews, are employed. This amazing double standard seems so far above the heads of most racist white Britons and many racist black non muslim Britons who love to join in the muslim bashing you have to wonder how low their intelligence is.

point 10: If David Amess could go back in time.

point 11: An American soldier commits sexual assault or rape about every twenty minutes.

point 12: The glorification of violence vs the Jeeves Candidate.

point 13: British fanaticism and Britain's self-delusion vs Islam's bad rap.

point 14: What many a western (male/female) 'feminazi' calls 'the liberation of women', Thatcher-era warzone reporter Kate Adie has branded 'willy waving'.

point 15: On Excellence.

point 16: The one group of people in Britain who cannot be blamed for any of Britain's woes or for its crimes.

point 17: Wrongness and the British public.

point 18: Intellectual honesty and Britain (and the west in general, from the USA to Eastern Europe).

point 19: The private education system in Britain is unfit for purpose and MUST be dismantled.

point 20: Chomsky on concision and the whole brevity thing, Chomsky on media you could describe as democratic media.

point 21: While the NHS is having an ambulance crisis to make its situation even worse, Sunak is encouraging alcoholism.

point 22: Boris, Joe, Keir, Angie, and all their opponents (not to mention Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red) unite in a round of 'operation get behind the darky'.

point 23: An introduction to the world of good, bad and ugly "quantum physicists", their adherents, fan clubs, altars, vices, mad religions, base stupidity and ineffable unreliability other than in exceptional circumstances.

point 24: When science or truth or whatever name you pin on it is not for the faint of heart: "Not only is the evidence scattered among other data, but from much of what anyone knows there's almost no evidence at all".

point 25: If people's minds are their genetic inheritance then 'social systems' which create 'civilised society' are built on a completely false idea of how we, as beings, 'work' - and political systems, parties, religions, 'science', education, 'breeding'/'grooming' etc etc etc are all parts of those social systems the deluded (which means most humans, emphatically including effectively all the 'atheists') pretend 'create us' and define our minds, our personalities, etc - when this is the furthest thing from the truth, the diametric opposite. As long as people allow themselves to pretend the opposite is true (with peer pressure as the primary engine used to force them to allow this), all tyrannies can call upon the people themselves as witnesses to their, the people's, (imagined) 'need' to be controlled.

point 26: Sheer Ugliness: Hitler's women, Blair's/Johnson's women.

point 27: What western culture does to women, western ones and non-western ones.

point 28: Fed up with Palestine?

point 29: The much-vilified Bowe Bergdhal is a heroic individual who came to see the criminal nature of the US invasion of Afghanistan.

point 30: Fowler takes down Hadley Freeman when the latter tries to pretend that white supremacist behaviour is simply misogyny and therefore not her fault but the fault of specific men she and her imperialist kind demonise (eg Muslims, obviously).

point 31: You might even say the private prison industry has expanded into the creation of private tribunals that double as PR events for the executioner class to showcase their virtue.

point 32: On people like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Keir Starmer, David Cameron, Theresa May and the far right loons they lost power to, all of them with their "I will bomb the men and women to SAVE the women and men" or even, sometimes, "I will bomb the men and women to CIVILISE the women and men", and always follow it with "and while I'm there I'll take some of their resources to pay for my costs, after all they can't expect me to civilise them for free".

point 33: From Numberwang to Dave Lister PhD. Nature cannot be brow beaten.

point 34: Entitled.

point 35: TVhobo current status.

point 36: Buckaroo Banzai and The Brook Green Chapati Co

point 37: Since 2009, over 11 years ago, I have tried to get my old school friends, particularly the 'non non-white' ones, to empathise with my struggle against British racism which has dogged my adult life, and added much discomfort to my childhood. In that time all of them have refused to have any discussion about it AT ALL and moreover have labelled me anti-social for bringing it up and ultimately began social distancing from me back then in about 2009. The following conversation I had with one of them, Tom Saunders, recently, sums up their entire position on me - Tom's reaction to my 'claims' about racism is the same reaction I can expect from almost everyone white from my old school, St Paul's, the public school, one of the original eight, mentioned in Wodehouse books.

point 38: 2500 pounds a year on crap?

point 39: Profit and health.

point 40: "Peppa pig is a symbol of global Britain"

point 41: Worse than 'woke'?

point 42: Britain's racist hostile environment must be challenged until it is purged.

point 43: I admit when I am wrong and it has made me amazingly strong and amazingly powerful and helped me on the path of truth and freedom.

point 44: When non-zero numbers of British jews insist that abusing muslims is part of being decent, when non-zero numbers of British gay people imply that all homophobia in Britain is caused by its tiny muslim population and that all British and other muslims are homophobic (including, therefore, the gay ones).

point 45: Stupid Britain.

point 46: Money-ocracy and its millions of mad stupid minions, sales apes, total cretins.

point 47: Impact of islamophobia amplified by organisations like facebook has led to a major court case.

point 48: The truth is both Labour and Conservative are equally islamophobic and anti-semitic (and the Lib dems are the same as them, and the other parties are too), and both are slightly more islamophobic than anti-semitic, and this is a reflection on the general non-muslim and non-jewish population of Britain. Defensiveness over this is presumably why jewish racists have been allowed (by either near silence or (unracist British jews') being a minority, it's hard to tell as there are only about 600,000, smaller even than the 2,000,000 muslim population of Britain) by the rest of Britain's jews to aid and abet white racism against muslims.

point 49: First they tried to browbeat COVID the way they browbeat Corbyn - oh it's a foreign problem, not us, we're British - oh it's just a cold, ignore it, etc. Now they want to create what they call 'a hostile environment' for covid. Is the mad racism of British and American people their entire undoing? Will the tactics underlying racist abuse help Britain fight a virus? Will a virus be 'minimised' by people whose lives seem to be modelled on Alf Garnett's?

point 50: Another litmus test of white British racism.

point 51: Is Keir Starmer's mental age 12?

point 52: Stella Creasy, who uses her own child as an electioneering tool, demonstrates she's happy to see British children die to get her into office.

point 53: Will a Prime Minister capable of telling these amazingly regressed retarded apes to shut up and listen to those who may teach them PLEASE STAND UP.

point 54: Stella Creasy, Boris Johnson, Arthur Daley - can you trust any of them? Seriously you need to ask that?

point 55: Chomsky attacks most social scientists, artists, etc and the majority of hard scientists, indicating they are intellectually dishonest and blindly believe in disproven dogma.

point 56: Towards a non-idiotic humanity.

point 57: During the last couple of weeks I have taken algo 22 and created the most magic money tree tech yet.

point 58: The 'white' approach to covid.

point 59: A highly pertinent statement made by someone supporting Chris Williamson on the latter's facebook page.

point 60: Coming asap, two key topics.

point 61: Casual justification of failure to even dignify discussion of systematic discrimination against 'me' (or any number of others in my shoes).

point 62: Numberwang and Whoopi Goldberg.

point 63: Games without frontiers, war without tears.

point 64: Descendant of self-defined 'white' people who pretend to be different from the rest of the world and who murdered jews by the million for being 'the wrong kind of white' pay attention you dumb fucks.

point 65: Whoopi Goldberg vs Jimmy Carr.

point 66: When you send out fake elite numpties who are nothing more than hyper-consumer preppy saleswomen to deal with actual statespersons in other nations in this day and age you are being wholly self-destructive.

point 67: Ah, so it turns out that none of this corruption in Britain would have existed without Putin - of course. Makes sense, given that Putin was also apparently responsible for all the racial tension in the USA as well. Indeed without his nefarious influence it seems plausible to postulate that the USA would be a utopia of racial harmony, non violence, tolerance and understanding.

point 68: 50 to 75% of Britons believe in eugenics, even if they don't specifically call it that, their beliefs in it are demonstrable: the vast vast majority of Britons are white, so that means that something close to 75% of white Britons believe in eugenics (ie they are racist).

point 69: Russians, Europe, America

point 70: Britain's intellectual shortfall.

point 71: Pseudoscientists of the west talk but do not listen.

point 72: RupertBoris MurdochJohnson and his fantasies of 72 virgins.

point 73: Chris Williamson's doing so well his detractors are increasing as is the temperature under their collars. Meet Esther, one of the many racist people you can have the pleasure of meeting if you are left wing and imagine that you can go around having left wing views in public without a white racist 'taking you to task'.

point 74: When people discriminate against non white people should they be deported to Rwanda to deter others from doing the same?

point 75: White British racists use the word 'unhinged' to mean not thinking like a white racist.