Down the rabbit hole we go. Count up the ghosts of all the people you have murdered: those are my servants. (The Unnamed)

Aaron Maté wipes the floor with a typical British 'elite' office worker in the following video, people who call themselves 'white' and everyone else should ALL watch this video - you rely on morons like Mark Townsend to defend your children from things like war and plague and climate disaster. Bad move: was founded in 2013 by me, Shams Pirani, as a non-profit entertainment and research zone, as I chose to abandon commercial web development after Edward Snowden's revelations disclosed the true corporate-controlled nature of all of the internet.


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Towards a non-idiotic humanity.

White racial preference in Britain, the evidence-based facts.

Militarism, the west's destructive ideology which even 'champions' like Greta Thunberg are far too cowardly to reject, let alone resist.

'Whiteness' is not a 'race' it's an arbitrary physical characteristic no more related to intelligence, morality, culture, or anything else of any broadness than is impacted say by different types of hair straightness, or different types of facial structure, or the distance between your eyes, or how tall you are, or what sort of sex organs you have, etc. Race is a nonsense, a pseudo-scientific western tool of domination which is so far past its sell by date its fungi have their own fungi.

Leading israeli/jewish document on anti-semitism indicates Corbyn's opponents are anti-semitic when they attempt to censor his legitimate grievances with Israel and pretend any such grievances are "anti-semitic".

A brief guide to how British people (and others like them) can stop being islamophobic.

You are not as inherently lazy and stupid as you allow profiteers to indoctrinate you into believing you are.

Majority discrimination against jews and muslims (and obviously MANY "others") in Britain by the people's elected representatives.

Pervasion of belief in eugenics in Britain.

Index of hobo grid.


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And perhaps almost most importantly, Chomsky takes down all financial institutions in a few words. Free market fanatics/fundamentalists should watch this: