NEW, 26 MAY 2024: web site expansion planned ("HOBO EXPANSION") - the news and comment articles from the english speaking world on this site are almost or simply entirely derived from humans I could enjoy living in a world with, not from the majority of unfortunately hostile persons; it is entirely political news/commentary so far; but if I stick to that filter, ie english language from anywhere in the world and only voices who would treat me as a human and an equal and with dignity and decency - I can build a hub of much more than just objective news.

There's a man I meet, he walks up our street, he's been working for the council, has been twenty years. And he takes no shit off nobody, and litter off the gutter, puts it in a bag and never thinks to mutter. And he packs his lunch in a sunblest bag, the children call him bogey. He never lets on but I know 'cause he once told me. He let me know a secret about the money in his kitty, he's gonna buy a dinghy, gonna call her...

..isn't she pretty, that ship called Dignity?


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