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By 2030 "Network 23" will have been established, aiming to be the most useful and excellent audiovisual broadcast channel in the world so far. Large salaries, outbidding Murdoch's empire's salaries, will go to a wide variety of hard working people who will set up and develop the network. To succeed in being recruited when this happens you must ensure you have these qualities by then: integrity, intellectual honesty, dignity. More info by 2025.


Click here to watch Films by Shams Pirani in your mind's eye. Or here for the latest film, still being made, called "Days of Gluten".


Many racists and other slanderers claim that I, Shams Pirani, seek to 'other' so-called 'white' people and make everyone divided against such people. They would say that. love.tvhobo.com will take you to a video where you can SEE MY FACE and listen to me break down the situation very completely. Indeed people who oppose me are the only ones trying to divide people into camps of 'other' and 'us'. Recently an estate agent and racist landlord in Twickenham attempted to steal 15,000 pounds from me because muslims are fair game to the majority of Britain's population (the same way jews were in Germany in the 1930s) - Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs (a lib dem and a conservative) mobilised to protect me and get my money back. Most victims of this abuse aren't as tenacious or as fortunate as I. Watch my video if you want to get a sense of what I shall do to fix Britain. The content at love.tvhobo.com is also at passion.tvhobo.com and a second and very important video I have made is at: thefilm.tvhobo.com.



But in this green and pleasant land where I make my home I'll make my stand, make it cool just to be a man, a uniform's a traitor: love is international and if you stand or if you fall just let them know you gave your all - worry about it later. The past is steeped in shame but tomorrow's fair game for a life that fit's for living - good morning, Britain.


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Bigup the Corbyn massive, where everybody knows my name, and they're always glad I came.