CLUE: You can massively increase the speed of money production, using such rules, if you use a different 'thing to trade on', something fat and fast (and risky). The same type of percentage gain in a much shorter period than would happen with this slow steady eurodollar doohickey.     Thus: click here to return to previous broadcast and learn more and enhance your mind. NB most people are demonstrably too stupid to use the financial system without losing and sites which allow you to carry out such trades will, at the moment, warn you that around 65 to 75% of people trying to do so just lose. EU regulations re warning you about that may stop being applied in time here in the UK, for all we know. So bear it in mind. If you are a moron, stop being one before you attempt anything like this. NB it takes time to stop being a moron.


And here is something you can do with just one clever additional rule, to the same thing above in the same time period - so you see you have a real incentive to not be a moron, that's the only way you'll figure out how to do THIS: