"Have you got yourself an occupation?" (Elvis)

NEW 15 jun 2022: click here for the most amazing algorithm I've made so far.

Click here to see aggressively compounded (with risk well managed) version.

In 2018 I built powerful software using linux and perl which scanned 15 years of 'tick data' from the eurodollar 'currency cross'. An algorithm I named 'Sir Malibu Jege' was found by the software along, later, with other similar algorithms, derived from the characteristics my software shone a light on. Sadly the initial results were very difficult to use in practise. To run the algorithm you would have to watch the eurodollar all day long and jump in when the trigger-velocity was reached.

In 2022 I eventually built far more flexible and precise software enabling me to come up with a "second coming" of the Sir Malibu Jege algo (that's the graph at the top of this page) which could be operated by placing an order in the morning each day, giving the trade a guaranteed stop in the event that it opened later in the day and closing the trade at the end of the day in the event that it was still open, ie no more than three minutes of work per day.

It is a momentous step. An army of humanitarian anarchist-socialists can be trained by me to use this knowledge. I advise all neoliberals, capitalists, right wing political classes and anyone else who mobilised to eradicate the rise of Jeremy Corbyn when we most needed him that you stand down and make it easy on yourselves. I am working on more possible algos with the 2022-made tester.

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